Exported Cement Free from Resources Ratio Statement

Exported cement is not subject to determination of the total value of natural resources and minerals plus energy costs that make up 51% of product prices. As a result, it is not in the No. 221 Commodity Group in the Export Tariff.

Opportunity for Economic Acceleration

The growth forecast for Vietnam’s economy in 2019 has been upgraded to 6.96% from an earlier estimate of 6.56-6.81% by the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR). The forecast is higher than the target of 6.6 - 6.8% set by the National Assembly.

Great Opportunity for Vietnamese, European Businesses

The EU - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the EU - Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) were officially signed after a 9-year negotiation journey. This is considered a historic milestone in Vietnam - EU relations that opens up great opportunities for businesses and people in Europe and Vietnam.

Facilitating SMEs to Access Capital

Decree 39/2019/ND-CP (Decree 39) of the Government on the organization and operation of the SME Development Fund effective from July 1, 2019, has created an "open way" for enterprises to access credit capital. The fund is a non-budget, non-profit financial fund established by the Prime Minister.

Vacation Property Investment: Strong Potential but Risky

In the context of the more volatile world economy, the U.S.-China trade war is exerting substantial impacts on the world economy. Vacation property investment harbors numerous risks although the market has still fared well in the past half year.

Inevitable Online Travel Trend

Online is an inevitable trend of tourism development in the digital age. Tourism businesses need to step up the application of new technology platforms to facilitate domestic and foreign consumers.

Ha Giang: Breakthrough in Tourism, Cross-border Trade and High-quality Agriculture

2019 is a watershed year which is particularly important to the successful delivery of key objectives and tasks in the Resolution of the 16th Ha Giang Provincial Party Congress and the 5-year socioeconomic development plan in 2016 - 2020.