Pausing Tourism to Prevent Pandemic Spread

In response to the spreading Covid-19 infection, following the direction of the government, many localities have simultaneously stopped tourist reception at places of interest to ensure safety for visitors and residents.

Temporarily Stopping Granting Visas to Foreign Visitors to Vietnam

10:26:56 AM | 23/3/2020

In order to promptly respond and prevent the Covid-19 outbreak which is spreading quickly in the world, the Government Office issued Announcement 102/TB-VPCP on Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s conclusions on Covid-19 prevention. Accordingly, Vietnam will suspend the issuance of visas for foreigners entering Vietnam for about 30 days, starting from March 18, 2020.

Tourist Health Declaration System Launched

10:25:19 AM | 23/3/2020

On March 15, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Science and Technology officially announced the launch of a tourist health declaration system for airports, border gates and 100% accommodation facilities and restaurants nationwide in a bid to curb Covid-19 pandemic.

Minority Women Encouraged to Engage in Hospitality Business

11:24:15 AM | 19/3/2020

With 12 ethnic groups living together, Moc Chau is one of the most culturally diverse districts in Son La province. Along with famous natural landscapes such as Hang Doi Cave, Dai Yem Waterfall, Pha Luong Peak, Ang Pine Forest Ecosystem, plum blossom valleys, and peach and dairy farms, special cultural features offer a variety and diversity of tourism types all four seasons of the year.

New Face of Soc Trang Tourism

11:03:00 AM | 17/3/2020

After more than three years of implementing Resolution 05-NQ/TU dated August 2, 2016 of the Provincial Party Committee on Soc Trang tourism development to 2020, with an eye to 2025, the face of Soc Trang tourism has changed dramatically.

Joining Forces to Motivate Tourism Industry

10:54:18 AM | 6/3/2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 has exerted a major impact on the economy, including tourism. Vietnam’s tourism industry has promptly organized meetings to discuss solutions to prevent the spread of the epidemic and at the same time strengthen tourism demand, especially prioritizing the domestic tourism market.

Master for Grand Festivals

1:35:57 PM | 25/2/2020

After the brilliant success of “Vinh Phuc Street Festival 2020” taking place in Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province on January 31, 2020, Director Tran Trung increasingly confirmed his fame as a talented planner who has created cultural events imbued with national characteristics and modern elements very cleverly and uniquely.

Tourism Rocked by Covid-19

10:31:31 AM | 24/2/2020

Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is causing enormous damage to the tourism industry. This is the time for this industry to restructure its customer segments, take measures to recover and accelerate short-term growth and formulate long-term development strategies.

Khanh Hoa Tourism Industry Maintains Key Markets

3:29:05 PM | 20/2/2020

When the tourism industry in general is heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, in Khanh Hoa, the number of tourists from Russia still remains quite stable, according to the Khanh Hoa provincial Tourism Department.

Time Stands Still at Huynh Thuy Le Mansion

11:49:51 AM | 18/2/2020

Built more than a century ago and witnessing twists and turns of history, Huynh Thuy Le Mansion has still kept intact its East-West blended architecture combined with Chinese-style interior decoration adapted by Vietnamese southerners. That unique feature has given off an extraordinary attraction that has drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, especially people from the Francophone community.

Sam Son Historical Relic and Scenery Recognized as Special National Relic Site

11:32:35 AM | 12/2/2020

The Prime Minister recently issued Decision No. 1954/QD-TTg dated December 31, 2019 recognizing seven more special national relics nationwide, including the Sam Son historical relic and scenery in Sam Son city, Thanh Hoa province.