Working out Appropriate Approach for Banking System Restructuring

Restructuring Vietnam's banking system, with a focus placed on commercial banks, plays an important role in the economic restructuring process aimed to achieve the goal of improving labor productivity, quality, performance and the competitiveness of the economy.

Forthcoming Events

Legal Bottleneck Hinders Real Estate Development

11:03:39 AM | 13/1/2020

The legal bottleneck is one of the most important causes affecting the real estate supply in 2019.

Stock Market Cap Hard to Reach 100% GDP

2:20:33 PM | 10/1/2020

Given its progress achieved, Vietnam's stock market has gradually affirmed its role financing the economy, with the capitalization to GDP reaching 81% at the end of September 2019. Will the remaining 19% be filled in 2020 to realize the goal of 100% GDP?

CES 2020 Opens with Innovation That Will Change the World

5:49:32 PM | 9/1/2020

CES® 2020 opens January 7, 2019, unveiling the next generation of innovation that will redefine industries, create jobs and solve many of society's challenges. With more than 4,400 exhibiting companies, including 1,200 startups, CES 2020 features the latest transformative technologies, including 5G, artificial intelligence, vehicle technology, digital health and more.

Changing Approach to Foreign Markets

10:28:03 AM | 2/1/2020

After 25 years in ASEAN and more than 10 years in the WTO, Vietnam has now become the 22nd largest exporter in the world.

Military Bank Promotes Soldierly Quality on Economic Front

9:55:29 AM | 30/12/2019

Over 25 years of development, Military Joint Stock Bank (MB) has become a stable, reliable, sustainable and reputable financial institution.

Reforms Needed to Unleash the Potential of Capital Markets

11:43:31 AM | 27/12/2019

While capital markets have expanded rapidly in Vietnam over the past few years, they remain 1.5 to 2 times smaller than in Thailand and Malaysia, respectively, and are largely dominated by a few big players, including the government.

HDBank Opens Myanmar Rep Office

11:41:37 AM | 27/12/2019

The opening of the Myanmar Representative Office took place during the official visit to Myanmar by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Condotel: Many Benefits but Various Challenges

11:31:31 AM | 27/12/2019

According to experts, condotel investment will benefit the economy and real estate market creating momentum for the growth of related industries such as construction, services and especially tourism - a field designated to develop into a key economic industry.

Vietcombank Tra Vinh Speeds up Noncash Payment Development

10:56:03 AM | 23/12/2019

In the digital age, cashless payment has become a vital trend. Grasping this trend, in the past time, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) in general and Vietcombank Tra Vinh in particular always take the lead in providing various financial solutions and promoting noncash payment, thus supplying a full range of utilities and effectively meeting increasingly diverse customer needs.

New Trade Surplus Record Set

10:53:34 AM | 9/12/2019

Vietnam’s trade surplus hit a new record high, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).