Vietnam Real Estate Market: Lack of Accurate Information, Transparency

Vietnam's real estate market is now intransparent in planning, investor selection, project assignment and transactions. Limited information on the market and inaccuracy are causing certain difficulties for real estate investment activities.

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High-End Housing Segment Has No Attraction

10:41:24 AM | 29/8/2019

Unlike 2018, prospects of the high-end housing segment in the real estate market in 2019 are not positive as the liquidity of this segment fails to meet the expectations of most investors. The saturation of the market has affected the psychology of investors in this segment.

Real Estate Market: Possible Risk of Bubble Burst?

10:35:17 AM | 23/8/2019

After a period of rapid and vibrant growth, Vietnam's real estate market is sliding into a gloomy period because the ‘nightmare’ bubble may burst at any time.

Dat Nguon Property Building Value Chain, Optimizing Competitiveness

11:38:55 AM | 8/8/2019

Beginning from a low starting point, with right policies, Dat Nguon Property has quickly gained and secured a reputation in the real estate market in Binh Duong province and is spreading to many other provinces.

Retail Market: Competition Is Just Beginning

9:34:16 AM | 1/8/2019

Ms. Do Thi Thu Hang, Director of Research at Savills Hanoi, revealed some remarks on retail property operations and stories behind the competitive rivalry among retailers in the interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum Magazine. Huong Ly reports.

Government Gives Nod to Proposed Corporate Tax Cut

2:35:52 PM | 26/7/2019

The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam said that the Government agreed with its proposal on introduction of some preferential corporate income tax policies for small and micro businesses.

Vacation Property Investment: Strong Potential but Risky

10:35:56 AM | 16/7/2019

In the context of the more volatile world economy, the U.S.-China trade war is exerting substantial impacts on the world economy. Vacation property investment harbors numerous risks although the market has still fared well in the past half year.

Opportunity for Vietnam Real Estate Market to Lead the Region

2:19:15 PM | 11/7/2019

Savills Vietnam has just published a study and assessment of Vietnam's real estate market. According to the study, Vietnam has a population of 94 million, ranking third in ASEAN but the urbanization rate is still the lowest in the region at 36% in 2018, this is the basis for Savills to believe that Vietnam's real estate market has the potential to overtake its neighbors.

Singling out Trustworthy Property Projects

11:49:51 AM | 2/7/2019

In addition to condotels and villas, the vacation property market has launched more products since the second half of 2017, including commercial townhouses for business and dwelling, gigantic resorts with casinos, parks and golf courses. Investors, authorities, operators and managers face many opportunities and challenges.

Year-end Property Market Trend: Positive Shift toward More Sustainability

2:31:38 PM | 11/6/2019

Vietnam’s real estate market will positively shift toward more sustainability from now until the end of 2019, according to real estate experts. However, tightening property credits by the banking system will make investors more cautious, resulting in more selective development.

Proptech – Future of Real Estate?

10:51:45 AM | 3/6/2019

“Proptech” is one of the most discussed keywords when people talk about the future of real estate. So what is proptech and how much of an impact will it have on Vietnam’s property market?