Year-end Property Market Trend: Positive Shift toward More Sustainability

Vietnam’s real estate market will positively shift toward more sustainability from now until the end of 2019, according to real estate experts. However, tightening property credits by the banking system will make investors more cautious, resulting in more selective development.

Proptech – Future of Real Estate?

10:51:45 AM | 3/6/2019

“Proptech” is one of the most discussed keywords when people talk about the future of real estate. So what is proptech and how much of an impact will it have on Vietnam’s property market?

Opportunities Seen in Housing, Industrial and Tourism Segments

11:34:25 AM | 29/5/2019

The property and housing market has seen high growth prospects in 2019 given abundant capital, the involvement of more domestic and foreign investors. 2019 has also witnessed the qualifying phase where only reputable investors with quality projects can gain the market share.

Real Estate Stocks: Strong Magnet to Foreign Investors

12:57:38 PM | 10/4/2019

Property credit tightening is narrowing credit access for many real estate companies. But, this does not seem to concern real estate stock investors on the stock exchange...

Real Estate 4.0: Trends Shaped by Technology Application

12:51:45 PM | 10/4/2019

With just a click or tap on an electronic device, buyers can view, buy or even contact investors or brokers to make direct deals to purchase a property...