FDI Inflow Reaches US$18.82 Bln in Seven Months

Foreign investors spent US$18.82 billion to invest in fresh and existing projects and purchase equity in the first seven months of 2020, down 6.9% year on year, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Forthcoming Events

WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An: An Attractive Destination for Foreign Investors

12:47:09 PM | 6/8/2020

Three years after its official launch, WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An has become a strong magnet for local and international investors. Thanks to its world-class facilities and its practical one-stop service, its first customers can launch and operate their industrial projects within a minimum span of time and with maximum efficiency.

FDI and Local Businesses Need to Set Up Reciprocal Relationships

11:40:56 AM | 4/8/2020

The weak connectivity of business sectors has hindered sustainable development of businesses, including foreign-invested ones. Accelerated development of sustainable value chains is considered a decisive factor to recover business sector and spur economic growth.

Increasingly Attractive Investment Destination

9:04:14 AM | 3/8/2020

With the effort to promote the image of an attractive, open investment environment, Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks (IPs) have become a destination chosen by many domestic and foreign businesses for the post- Covid-19 pandemic period.

Action Plan for Better Investment Environment

9:03:13 AM | 3/8/2020

The Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority recently announced an action plan to fulfil its tasks to improve the local investment environment, focusing on raising the fair competition index to lift the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2020.

Speeding up Disbursement of Public Investment Capital

10:40:56 AM | 31/7/2020

Promoting and disbursing full public investment capital for 2020 is a major and important goal to which the Vietnamese Government and the Prime Minister have paid special and regular attention. This is also one of the key tasks that contribute to supporting economic growth in the last six months of 2020.

Vinh Phuc Ready to Welcome New FDI Inflows

10:28:31 AM | 31/7/2020

The success of Vietnam in general and Vinh Phuc province in particular in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and good economic recovery policies are attracting the attention of many foreign investors. With many attractive promotion programs and an open environment, Vinh Phuc is now ready to welcome the new wave of FDI inflows.

Preparing to Catch New Investment Flow

11:30:43 AM | 29/7/2020

Seeing opportunities from Vietnam’s increasing integration with a series of new free trade agreements and the movement of global investment flows, Quang Binh province has been upgrading infrastructure and human resources, and changing investment promotion approaches to catch the new development wave. Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter interviews Mr. Phan Phong Phu, Director of the Quang Binh Department of Planning and Investment, on this content.

Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority Promoting Bridging Role in Investment Attraction

11:28:38 AM | 29/7/2020

Focusing on infrastructure development in economic and industrial zones and creating momentum for further investment attraction are defined by Quang Binh province as important tasks to speed up local economic restructuring, enhance local competitiveness and tap local potential and strengths. Mr. Pham Tien Duat, Deputy Director of the Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority, shared this content. Ngoc Tung reports.

Bac Lieu - Bright Spot in Regional Development Picture

10:32:30 AM | 28/7/2020

This information was revealed by Mr. Duong Thanh Trung, Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial People’s Committee, to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter about local socioeconomic development in recent years. Socioeconomic development and investment attraction produced positive results, gradually making Bac Lieu a “bright spot” in the overall picture of the Mekong Delta region. Quoc Hung reports.

Improving Competitiveness to Attract Investment

10:12:09 AM | 28/7/2020

After relentless efforts to improve the business environment to attract investors, Bac Lieu province has achieved desirable results with hundreds of domestic and foreign investment projects, including projects with registered investment value amounting to US$4 billion. Many related this advent of giant projects in Bac Lieu to the nesting of eagles.