Anti-epidemic Weapon

Science proves that fish play an important role in human nutrition. In folklore, there is a proverb: "There is nothing more delicious than rice with fish. There is nothing more special than the relationship between mother and child.”

Emirates SkyCargo Reinforces Commitment to Facilitate Global Movement of Goods with Cargo only’ Flights on Passenger Aircraft

4:03:20 PM | 3/4/2020

Emirates SkyCargo has stepped up its commitment to remain the global leader in facilitating the flow of essential goods across international markets. Working in a scenario where global air cargo capacity has been severely constrained due to restrictions on passenger flights, the air cargo carrier has unveiled a new schedule of cargo only flights on Emirates’ Boeing 777 fleet of passenger aircraft, offering up to 40 tonnes of lower deck cargo capacity per flight.

Learning @ Home with Girls4Tech™ Connect

3:21:28 PM | 3/4/2020

 On April 03, Mastercard extended access to its signature STEM curriculum, Girls4Tech™, through a suite of new online, creative educational resources. The program has been designed to help parents and teachers engage and inspire kids, ages 8-12.

Nestlé Vietnam appoints new Managing Director

10:38:18 AM | 2/4/2020

Mr. Binu Jacob has been appointed as Managing Director of Nestlé Vietnam from April 1st, 2020.

Thinh Thanh Dak Nong Co., Ltd: Ongoing Innovation for Customer Benefits

9:28:05 AM | 31/3/2020

As a multi-business company like trading construction goods (e.g. iron, steel, stone, sand, bricks, cement and corrugated iron) and motorized equipment (cargo vehicles and cranes), constructing civil works (bridges, houses, schools and clinics), Thinh Thanh Dak Nong Co., Ltd always desires to become the best supplier for all customers.

Viet Uc Seafood Corporation Promoting and Sustaining Pangasius Industry

9:23:41 AM | 31/3/2020

Aspired to “Promote the Vietnamese fish”, Viet Uc Seafood Corporation has continuously invested in technology and personnel to increase the added value and sustain the development of the pangasius industry of Vietnam in general and of An Giang province in particular.

Unilever “Stay Strong Vietnam” Initiative Helps Protect Lives and Livelihoods from the Covid-19 Pandemic

5:36:06 PM | 30/3/2020

On March 30, Unilever Vietnam announced its “Stay Strong Vietnam” initiative, a wide-ranging set of measures to support the country and the Vietnamese people in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, and in response to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s call to the nation to help tackle the public health emergency.

Environmental Protection - Green Growth

2:57:38 PM | 30/3/2020

Officially going into commercial operation in July 2017, after just over a year (2018), Nhan Co Alumina Plant Project reached its designed capacity of 650,000 tons.

Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial JSC Strengthens Foothold in Market

2:55:15 PM | 30/3/2020

Sachi, despite being a new crop, brings positive signs, especially when prices of pepper and some key agricultural products decline sharply. Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial Joint Stock Company is successfully utilizing the value of sachi peanut, baptized the "king of all nuts".

Nestlé MILO Pioneers Paper Straws Instead of Plastic Straws

10:23:38 AM | 23/3/2020

Nestlé MILO, a brand of Nestlé Vietnam, will officially use paper straws for the MILO Breakfast drinks instead of conventional plastic straws from March 2020. This is also the first time in Vietnam Nestlé MILO products apply this initiative.

Golden Key to Health

1:14:30 PM | 20/3/2020

An appropriate diet is the foundation for health and intelligence. In order for the human body to function continuously and effectively, it is necessary to provide ingredients through daily meals. Nutritionists recommend that nutrient-rich and balanced foods are the golden key to consumer health.