Suoi Dau IZ: Stressing Environmental Protection

5:53:33 PM | 7/12/2011

Despite some difficulties, with tireless efforts, Suoi Dau Industrial Zone (IZ) has gained positive results. Investment attraction into the IZ has getting brighter. In the coming time, Suoi Dau IZ will actively appeal for investment into quality environmental protection projects.
Filling up projects in IZ in next three years
Suoi Dau IZ was founded under Governmental permission at the end of 1977 and initiated construction from July 1998. Phase 1 implemented construction on 78 hectares, while phase 2 was 60 hectares. Suoi Dau IZ has complete infrastructure of: electricity system, transportation network, drinking water supply, waste water collection and treatment system, rain water drainage and communication system.
In the recent hard economic context, enterprises, including enterprises in Suoi Dau IZ, have faced problems of inflation, interest rates, and market fluctuations. According to Mr Pham Duc Dung, Director of Suoi Dau IZ Joint Stock Company, at present there are about 50 percent of plants idle, about 20 percent of plants under effective operation and 30 percent of plants under construction or suffering such serious recession that they have to change models, transfer or go bankrupt. At the moment, production hasn’t recovered and seriously affected enterprises are struggling with difficulties. This also influenced the infrastructure management company, as when land rents it cannot increase service costs (drinking water supply, waste water treatment, waste collection), thus it lacks the capital to upgrade and maintain infrastructure, and provide more services for producers. This has serious impacted investment attraction into the IZ.
However, with effort to seek new paths, attract investment from various channels, recently, the IZ has gradually overcome difficulties. “It is hoped that in next three years, Suoi Dau IZ will fill up with investment projects,” shared Mr Dung.
Building up strong brand to attract investment
One of the successes that Suoi Dau IZ has gained attaching special importance to environmental protection, and building human resources and reputable brand, thereby attracted investors to the IZ.
Sharing about environmental protection issues in the IZ, Mr Dung said that Suoi Dau IZ has paid close attention to environmental activities. Two years ago, the IZ was chosen to make report on its experience in environmental protection in the national conference about environmental protection in IZs and export processing zones. At the moment, in the IZ, all plants are required to have preliminary waste water treatment system and drain to the common waste water collection system flowing into concentration waste water treatment plant. The waste water treatment plant is designed to include three units, only one of which is operated if there is little waste water. When one unit cannot handle the volume, two units will be operated; and when waste water volume exceeds 5,000 cubic meters per day, unit 3 will be built.
Currently, two units are operating under designed capacity of 5,000 cubic meters per day, ensuring treated volume to match the IZ’s production requirement. The IZ takes daily monitoring primary criteria of waste water to see if waste releasing standards are met before it is released to the environment. As for rubbish, the IZ implements collection from enterprises, which is then moved to the district’s waste dump. Concerning environmental management of exhaust fumes, the IZ has coordinated with functional agencies to request and direct manufacturing units (especially those manufacturing animal foods from fishery scrap) to thoroughly collect smoke, dust, draining steam and do thorough treatment prior to drainage.
Sharing about the development plan, Mr Dung said that at present, the IZ is applying some channels to attract investment through provincial People’s Committee, Van Phong Economic Management Board, departments and offices to get assistance in investment communication and information; and seeking secondary investors through those working in the IZ. It is a crucial way which requires the IZ to have a solid reputation among current investors so that they can trust and introduce new investors.
Song Thanh