Key to Unlock the Future

6:20:06 PM | 9/12/2011

Da Nang City has made impressive breakthroughs in all aspects since its establishment. One success is the flexibility of the city’s government in restructuring the economy towards industrialisation and modernisation. Tapping comparative advantages, the city chose trade and service to make a debut of five breakthroughs in socioeconomic development. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr Le Viet Tuoi, Deputy General Director of Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade, on this matter. Quoc Hung reports.
Could you please tell what solutions Da Nang City has taken to enhance competitiveness for businesses and thus increase local export turnover?
To help exporters enhance their competitiveness, the city has focused on building business supporting programmes on human resource training, productivity enhancement, quality improvement, environmental protection, and e-commerce application. The city completes infrastructure inside and outside industrial parks in order to provide best premises for enterprises. It also improves the quality and shortens the time for providing public services and resolving administrative procedures by applying single-window mechanism.
We also organise and improve the quality of trade promotion and other activities to support enterprises to seek partners and markets; provide information about trade, business opportunities and market forecasts to help exporters approach foreign markets more successfully. The Department of Industry and Trade supports and facilitates companies to advertise their profiles and images on the city’s e-commercial portal (
Developing services, especially tourism and trade, is the first of five breakthrough directions in socioeconomic development that the 20th Municipal Party Congress put forth. So, how has the city mapped out the development of services sector?
The Da Nang People’s Committee issued Decision 8374/QD-UBND dated November 1, 2010 to approve the service development plan in the city from now to 2020. The city defines to “prioritise the development of technical services to meet industrial and agricultural production, service, tourism and commerce; step up the development of upmarket services like hotel, restaurant, property trading, and consultancy."
As for trade and service sectors, the Party Committee of the Department of Industry and Trade adopted the Action Programme to carry out the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the first Department Party Congress (term 2010 - 2015). It aims to develop the commercial service sector and build Da Nang into a leading commercial service centre in Vietnam. The city focuses on diversifying commercial services in a bid to keep its growth higher than the manufacturing sector and GDP growth rate, targeting to become one of four trade - service centres in the country. It will serve as a domestic trade hub and a gateway to reach the rest of the country and the world.
Besides, the city carries out the trade promotion programme in the 2011 - 2015 period, and e-commerce development plan for the 2011-2015 period. Da Nang targets keeping annual retail and service growth at 20 - 21 percent. It will boost export of goods and services, and encourage the development of driving commercial services like e-commerce, logistics services and commodity exchange. The city strives to keep annual export growth at 16-17 percent on average.
What are the development orientations of the trade and industry sector in the 2011 - 2015 period? What is the city doing to complete all targets?
Based on Resolution 33 of the Politburo and socioeconomic development orientations of Da Nang towards 2020, the Department of Industry and Trade has defined overall directions and objectives for the period till 2015: Selectively developing industries; focusing on sectors and products using modern technology, advanced techniques and rich intellectual content; developing information technology into an important economic sector; promoting the development of supporting industries, stepping up export-import activities to turn Da Nang into a transit hub for companies in central Vietnam and Central Highlands.
To accomplish our goals, we will review, supplement and carry out industry development plans like industrial development plan towards 2020, retailing and wholesaling network planning. It will develop and complete industrial and commercial infrastructure network planning, and reform administrative procedures. Particularly, we will quicken the development of a professional and expert workforce to hasten industrialisation and modernisation.