High Priority on Attracting Investors with Advanced Technology

4:57:33 PM | 14/12/2011

Despite many difficulties, the province has obtained significant achievement in attracting investment. In the following period, Vinh Long Industrial Park will continue to improve its infrastructure and equipment, administration reform, create a favourable and transparent environment to be able to lure more domestic and foreign investors.
In the first 9 month of 2011, Vinh Long Industrial Park put a strong focus on its investment promotion activities and contacted over 20 domestic and foreign investors. It signed MoUs with 5 investors and licensed four investors with a total registered capital of US$4,5 million and VND218 billion in the industrial area.
 According to Mr Huynh Van Thoang, Head of Vinh Long Industrial Park Authority, enterprises investing in local industrial parks are mainly seafood processors and farm produce exporters. Particularly, investors have not only concerned about the potential sectors, which are processing sectors of agricultural products, seafood, but also about the potential of labour force.
Assuming that in recent years, business activities of enterprises in industrial area have partly contributed to increase industrial products value and restructuring the provincial economy in the right direction and targets carried out by the Resolution of provincial committee party: In 2005, production value accounted for VND215.33 billion (based on the fixed prices of 1994); in 2010, production value amounted to VND2,010.4 billion; in the first 9 months of 2011, it has reached VND2,234.6 billion, attained 89.5 percent of the 2011 plan and 50 percent of overall production value of the province.
Besides that, export value of enterprises has also reached heartening results. Specifically, in 2005 and 2010, export value was US$8.3 million and US$88.564 million respectively; in the early 9 months of 2011, export value has reached US$97.5 million, attaining 88 percent of the year plan, and increased 38.5 percent compared to the same period last year.
According to Mr Huynh Van Thoang, in order to maintain and increase the growth of overall export products and overall import products of the whole province, the managerial board of industrial parks has implemented State preferential investment policies, enhanced management performances, firmly coordinated with relating departments and authorities of province and its districts, provided information about legal terms for enterprises to safely focus on their businesses, constructed and improved comprehensive infrastructure before enterprises invest in industry sector, utilised resources of capitals, technologies, materials, work force, protected environment and extended export market, reformed administration procedures, created cleared and transparent environment for enterprises operations, ensured policy implementation for employees, harmonised the three benefits, which are: State - enterprises and employees.
Sharing orientation of investment attraction in the next time, Mr Huynh Van Thoang said: Aiming to achieve better results of investment attraction in industry sector, Vinh Long province needs to perform sufficiently several solutions, which are: Providing necessary support for enterprises, coordinating with Investment Promotion and Business Support Centre of Vinh Long province, setting forward investment promotion activities domestically and internationally; attracting investors with advanced technologies, high investment value, using a reasonable number of employees, which is suitable with provincial and regional economy development plan in order to achieve a sustainable economy development; concentrating on employee training; considerably implementing compensation policies for ground clearance; reforming administration procedures, firmly cooperating with related departments and provincial authorities to timely carry out solutions for difficulties during implementation processes.
Thai Ha