Investors’ Success and Prosperity - Most Valuable and Persuasive Development Measure

5:34:23 PM | 29/5/2015

Situated 500 km from Hanoi in the north and 1,200 km from Ho Chi Minh City in the south, bordered by Laos in the west and the East Sea in the east, Quang Binh province lies on the East-West Corridor which helps boost trade with Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The province also has geopolitical, military and economic position of particular importance.
Quang Binh has three types of terrain; mountain, delta and coast. With a long and broad coastal strip, the province has sufficient resources and potential for marine economic and tourism development. Along its coast lie five major estuaries which supply valuable planktons for aquaculture and seafood processing development. Its five small islands off the coast form bays favourable for marine economic development like marine transport and maritime tourism. Besides, its nationally and internationally renowned beautiful beaches are bringing more tourists to the province. Quang Binh waters have many large fishing grounds with many species like lobster, squid and sea cucumber. Also, the coastal region is found to contain huge reserves of rare placers like titanium and quartz sand. Especially, quartz sand is an ingredient for high-grade glass production for export. Hence, Quang Binh has great potential and favourable conditions to develop marine economy.
Quang Binh is a culture transiting area for both directions of the country, North - South and East - West. Besides, nature endows the province with spectacular natural landscapes like the cave system in Phong Nha - Ke Bang area (where Son Doong Cave is discovered and proven the largest and the most beautiful in the world), many enchanting beaches near the provincial administrative centre and National Highway 1A, many ideal places for rest, relaxation and amusement like Nhat Le and Vung Chua - Dao Yen areas, Da Nhay Beach, Hon La Bay, Bau Tro Relic, luxury Sunspa Resort, Bao Ninh Resort, Phong Nha - Ke Bang World Natural Heritage Complex, Suoi Bang Hot Spring Resort, and Than Dinh Mountain. Its tourist attractions can be connected with popular tourist sites in the region like Cua Lo in Nghe An province, Con Co in Quang Tri province, and Hue Monument in Thua Thien - Hue province. In addition, Dong Hoi Airport is 60 km from Hon La Seaport, an advantage for the province to tap and develop the marine economy. Especially, Quang Binh has a vast Phong Nha - Ke Bang - Hin Nam No young karst region, 200,000 ha with an ecological environment unique in Vietnam and the world.
Nature endows this place with abundant resources and beautiful landscapes. Mountains in Quang Binh not only contain limestone, but also rivers, lakes and caves. Forests not only keep their land, feed people supply inputs for processing industries, but also become attractive tourism destinations and biosphere reserves. Quang Binh sea waters are distinctively favourable for fishery development.
Quang Binh has many natural beautiful spots and famous landmarks which are very alluring to domestic and foreign tourists. The province has constantly developed its tourism infrastructure to meet development requirements. Son Doong Cave discovery tour is a unique world-class expedition. The site is open to various types of tourism like exploration, adventure, sightseeing, recreation, scientific research and ecotourism.
The land of Quang Binh with beautiful nature, unique cultural and historical values and intelligent, hardworking people not only captivates tourists, but also gives them surprising, interesting experiences.
We cordially invite and readily cooperate with any and all interested in the potential, advantages and values of Quang Binh. You will be served in the best manner. For us, your success and prosperity are the most valuable and persuasive measure of development of the province. The government and people of Quang Binh are trying their best to welcome investors with new business ideas and expect your shared efforts to develop Quang Binh into a rapid and sustainable developing province characterised by beautiful nature, hospitable people and efficient businesses.
Luong Ngoc Binh
Member of the Party Central Committee,
Party Secretary of Quang Binh Province