Promoting In-Depth Industrial Development

11:00:28 PM | 1/6/2015

After 4 years of implementing the Five Year Plan (2011-2015), despite facing many challenges, industrial development in the province of Binh Phuoc has achieved significant results, contributing substantially to economic growth, producing more products to meet consumer and exports demand, and creating jobs and increasing income for labourers.
Specifically, the provincial industry’s added value has been rising steadily over the years (2011 increased by 12.67 percent, 2012 increased 10.25 percent, 2013 was 3.10 percent, 2014 was 10.10 percent). Some key processed industrial products achieved higher growth than the whole sector’s level, helping raise the industries of processing and manufacturing significantly. Industrial products are getting more and more diverse and abundant, with many new industrial products (apparel, footwear, cement, pillows and mattresses made from natural rubber, furniture made of rubber wood), products of greater investment value, and high quality products concentrated on various fields.
To achieve sustainable development of industry with high growth rates and make positive changes in terms of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, on 17/8/2012, Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee approved the program promoting export of flagship product of Binh Phuoc period 2012 - 2015. Implementing this program, the province has emphasized developing priority industries (cashew, rubber and wood processing, cement – clinker production; electronic component manufacturing). So far, positive results have emerged. The program has helped investment firms update technology and equipment, improve labour productivity and management skills, increase competitiveness and integration in the world market and promote economic development of the province.
However, as identified by the Director of Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Phuoc Province - Mr Le Van Uy, although industrial production value of Binh Phuoc has increased recently, but the rate remains slow due to overall impact from the global economic situation. In 2015, industrial production value is expected to increase by 9.45 percent year-on-year; overall the growth in 2011-2015 is forecast to be lower than the 2006-2010 period and will fail to reached the assigned plan. The “knot” right now lies in the fact that development of industrial enterprises in the province have yet to go in depth, economic restructuring has been going slow; while productivity, quality and competitiveness of industrial products remain low.
To untie the “knot” and head toward in-depth industrial development, Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade has introduced measures to promote support industries’ development, reviewing policies and mechanisms relevant to enterprises in priority industry sectors, and key industries of competitive advantages using local raw materials (rubber, cassava, cashew, biofuels, cement, clinker, quarrying) in parallel with the development of craft industries and rural industries to help with the New Rural Construction. Especially, the Department of Trade and Industry is implementing the Scheme of Developing Small and Medium Enterprises in Binh Phuoc period 2015-2020, orientation toward 2025; formulating a scheme of restructuring the industry - trade sector in line with potential and advantages of the province, helping form an in-depth model of economic growth for the province, ensuring the quality of growth, improving efficiency and competitiveness of Binh Phuoc in the international arena.
Also according to Mr Uy, in order to improve competitiveness for businesses, in addition to strengthening support for small and medium enterprises in the province (passed the Industry Stimulation Program following Decision 2818QD-UBND dated 20/11/2011 day of PPC on the approval of industry stimulation program period 2011-2015; the program of improving productivity and products’ quality for small and medium enterprises period 2011-2015 following Decision 1217 QD-UBND dated 11/06/2014; the program of developing e-commerce application in enterprises under Decision 2615/ e-commerce dated 12/11/2010 on the approval of trade development plan of Binh Phuoc period 2011-2015), the department will also actively support businesses participating in trade fairs, promoting products, and building brandnames; will advise and support businesses in using energy efficiently, applying the model using biogas to run generators; will encourage businesses to continue promoting scientific and technological innovation, using domestic raw materials and machinery to reduce production costs, increase investment as well as production and business efficiency.
Kim Bang