Focusing on Restructuring Processing Industry Sector

3:47:56 PM | 18/3/2016

The processing industry accounts for over 97 percent of industrial production of Soc Trang and has seen impressive growth in recent years. In which, seafood processing is a key industry, playing an important role in the province's overall industrial value.
Over the past time, seafood processing establishments have been creating conditions to invest in new technology, improve quality, product value, diversify exports and ensure consuming most aquaculture production in the province. Seafood processing value in 2010 (constant 1994 prices) reached VND5270 billion, in 2014 reached 5524 billion; the average growth rate was 1.18 percent / year. Regarding exports, while the 2010 export value of seafood products reached nearly VND394 million, in 2015 this figure was estimated to reach VND495 million, up 25.63 percent compared with 2010; the average growth in the period 2010 - 2015 is 4.7 percent/year, of which frozen shrimp exported 40,127 tons. Most of the seafood processing enterprises in the province have invested in advanced technology lines, creating products with high competitiveness on the market. Currently, seafood processing products of Soc Trang have a presence in many major well-known and demanding markets such as Japan, US, EU, Canada and Korea.
Recognizing the need to ensure a stable source of raw materials for processing in in general, especially in the area of materials for processing frozen shrimp in particular, in 2014 Soc Trang province approved seafood planning in Soc Trang by 2020 and vision to 2030, with a total cultivation area of 71,170ha in 2015 and 74,850 ha in 2020. In parallel with the stable material area, the province enhanced technical support for aquaculture for the people, with training for new production processes to ensure the quality and safety of products.
To gradually improve the value of the processing industry, the issue of mobilizing enterprises to change technology and production processes, investment in the renewal of machinery and product diversification are focused on by Soc Trang. In addition to a number of business supporting policies by the province, such as projects to improve productivity and product quality for businesses, and SME Development Project in Soc Trang; the Industry and Trade Department also has many programs and policies to support enterprises such as industrial promotion program to build demonstration models, technology transfer and application of advanced machinery, scientific and technological achievements into production industry - handicrafts; Trade promotion program with a focus on assisting businesses in trade promotion information, and organize supply - demand for better enterprise access to distributors.

According to Deputy Director Ngo Thai Chau of Soc Trang Department of Industry and Trade, Soc Trang's goal is to develop a clean, asynchronous industry on many fronts, such as markets, regional construction materials, equipment and technology products manufacturing, and human resources. To realize its objectives, the issue of restructuring the industry, especially the restructuring of the processing industry sector is a focus for the province. Specifically, after the Prime Minister approved the Restructuring of Industry and Trade Scheme to serve the cause of industrialization - modernization and sustainable development until 2020 and vision to 2030, the provincial People's Committee has assigned the Department of Trade to review and evaluate the implementation of industry and trade development planning which have been approved by the provincial People's Committee. To concretize the Action Plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the implementation of the Restructuring of Industry and Trade Scheme in Decision 11478 / QD-BCT dated 18th December 2014, Soc Trang Department of Industry and Trade has issued Action Plan 95 / S-SCT dated September 21st 2015 and is implementing to check the report recommended by the PPC. Accordingly, the province will focus on reviewing 8 planning schedules of the Industry and Trade, particularly industry-handicrafts development planning in Soc Trang province to 2020 and vision to 2030, encourage businesses to invest more deeply in existing processing plants with modern equipment associated with the building of local raw materials, production of refined products, diversification of products to improve the export value of industrial products, associated with expanding consumer market. The province also focuses on surveying and reviewing manufacturing capacity, market consumption of existing products and potential products to identify major product categories; thereby developing orientation solutions to ensure harmony and balanced proportion within the industry. The province paid a lot of interest on developing new products with high efficiency and supporting products for industrialization - modernization; giving priority to spearhead industries with the advantage of raw materials, markets, industries with technical content of high technology and reduced environmental pollution.

Nguyen Viet Hung