Thuan Loi Land: Aspiration for Prosperity with the Homeland

11:54:05 AM | 7/5/2019

Thuan Loi Land is a leading residential and commercial property broker. Mr. Le Thuan Loi, General Director of Thuan Loi Land, said, a peaceful residence will give rise to joyful career and result in prosperity. Thuan Loi Land is my brainchild which realizes my own and other dreams of a quality home.

From burning passion for the homeland

Thuan Loi Land is currently a hot, big name in the professional real estate market in Vietnam. In spite of just starting operations nearly 2 years (since September 2017), Thuan Loi Land has confirmed its position in the industry. Despite being successful in property and housing business investment in most expensive provinces and cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau with 11 branches and member companies, Thuan Loi Land always has a special passion for the Bac Lieu real estate sector. “Because of my passion for my homeland, I am still nurturing a desire to uplift the vision and life for Bac Lieu people, turn slum houses into modern homes with various amenities. And, we are fortunate to have enthusiastic support from the local government,” he added.

When starting to do business in Bac Lieu, Thuan Loi Land only invested in Hoi An Ancient Town-styled Sala Coffeehouse, a destination for local businessmen and tourists. Then, the company built a wooden wine castle on an area of ​​500 square meters, the first of its kind in the province, for customers to explore, check in and purchase favorite items. Also during that time, he noticed that electricity and water infrastructure as well as local urban area projects were developed quite slowly. Thus, he actively cooperated with the urban area investor, Hoang Phat Construction Investment Company, to invest in traffic infrastructure and sell residential estate and townhouses. That “abandoned land” has now revived, risen to become the most modern township in Bac Lieu and created a turning point for the suburban real estate market. Thuan Loi Land is gradually filling the gap in housing and residential land demand with a fresh space, a complete infrastructure. 50 residential land plots were sold in just one week. Thuan Loi Land also changed the buying and selling culture in the real estate market, especially in the individual townhouse segment. Loi said that Thuan Loi Land is carrying out many commercial housing and resort projects of many different segments for all social needs. “The goal and direction are clear. We have also asked ourselves how to bring Thuan Loi Land products closer to buyers? That is why we need to cooperate with local banks and credit institutions to provide easier access to soft loans. We also want to convey this passionate desire to local authorities,” he added.

Promoting sustainable development

Thuan Loi Land is always a team sharing the same goal, a place to realize customers’ dreams for a better life. The company’s high-quality human resources are assured of best benefits. Currently, 80% of employees have their own houses, cars and invested real estate. Each month, Thuan Loi Land organizes two professional trainings on consulting knowledge and market developments for employees. It also hires top-notch experts in training and making strategic plans for them. Loi thought: “A big action is made up of three processes: Thinking - action - outcome. Thus, Thuan Loi Land employees must have the right thoughts and actions”.

He actively encourages his employees to take part in social security such as building charity houses, helping poor students with outstanding study performances or training entrepreneurship for young people. In 2019 and in the next five years, Thuan Loi Land will become Thuan Loi Group. The company is holding an advantage as its subsidiary, Sala Land Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company, specializes in construction and restaurant business. In the coming time, the company will submit a coastal tourism project to the Department of Planning and Investment for execution permission. It will step up cooperation with Hamber, a hotel system manager, and seek a license for investment in a 5-star 33-story hotel and restaurant project, including casino.

Early investment in infrastructure, utilities and services for residents has given an upper hand for Thuan Loi Land. Mr. Loi affirmed, “We must do whatever we have planned to achieve sustainable development. If you want to be big, you must start from a small one. Thuan Loi Land is confident that it always understands and is willing to share and cooperate to carry out projects of high quality and clear legality. We want to convey the message of life value, enjoyment and social sharing to our dwellers most of whom are young. For us, serving is being happy. The success of the partner will be the success of Thuan Loi Land.”

“In every activity, I always value quality, from operations to human resources,” said Mr. Le Thuan Loi.

Han Luong