Hoa Sen Group Affirming National Quality Product

11:13:00 AM | 5/6/2019

As a leading steel sheet manufacturer and trader, Hoa Sen Group has constantly improved its product quality and strictly fulfilled its commitments of “Selling at the right price, with the right standard, with the right quality and with warranty”. Hoa Sen steel sheet and Hoa Sen steel pipe won the National Quality Award 2018.

This success came from Hoa Sen Group’s advantages of production and supply capacity. The group always takes product quality as the first criterion to compete, to build the Hoa Sen brand's reputation on the market. With its pioneering investment in modern equipment system and new technological application into production, all products of Hoa Sen Group always meet the most rigorous standards imposed by fastidious markets, including ASTM standards of the United States, EN standards of Europe, JIS standards of Japan, AS standards of Australia, BIS standards of Indian, SNI standards of Indonesia and SIRIM standards of Malaysia. In addition, Hoa Sen Group is one of a few manufacturers of products of special standards such as high-tension galvanized steel to meet complicated construction requirements in large projects such as factory structures and solar power modules.

Mr. Vu Van Thanh, Deputy General Director of Hoa Sen Group and Chairman of Hoa Sen Nghe An Co., Ltd, said, “In addition to meeting all seven evaluation criteria from governance to technological innovation, we have the chance to reassess our pros and cons for better improvement of internal capacity and added product value. The National Quality Award granted to Hoa Sen steel sheet and Hoa Sen steel pipe strongly affirms the outstanding product quality and competitiveness of Hoa Sen Group in the market. This will be a great motivation for Hoa Sen Group to further study, improve and manufacture quality products and bring the best value to customers."

Taking the lead in modern technological application to production and business, Hoa Sen Group is one of the first enterprises in the construction materials industry to launch online sales on the website www.hoasengroup.vn to offer highest convenience and utility to customers, helping them buy products of the best quality with least time and effort.

Recently, Hoa Sen Group has announced that it has successfully implemented the ERP system after nearly two years of deployment, which enables the parent group to get smooth connection with 10 factories and more than 563 retail stores nationwide. The successful operation of the ERP system has brought great benefits for the group, helping it raise governance quality and reduce operating costs.

With its constant efforts and creativity in production and business, Hoa Sen Group is currently the top steel sheet exporter in Southeast Asia and continuously exports large orders to the most demanding markets in the world such as the United States and Europe. Hoa Sen Group's products are currently exported to more than 75 countries and territories worldwide.

In the domestic market, Hoa Sen Group has held the largest market share since 2009, with nearly 34%. In addition, the group is the No. 2 producer and trader of steel pipes in the country with 17.4% of the market (according to statistics released by the Vietnam Steel Association). For its key steel sheet product line, Hoa Sen Group has launched zinc galvanized sheet, color zinc galvanized sheet, cold steel sheet, cold-rolled steel sheet, pre-painted galvanized steel sheet, metallic steel sheet, Thai-styled roofing sheet and particularly high-quality and durable PVDF steel sheet. Hoa Sen Group’s products are made under a strictly controlled closed quality process to meet international standards and ensure environmental friendliness. In addition, the group’s products have beautiful designs and diversified specifications to meet the requirements of the most demanding markets. Hoa Sen Group not only responds well to construction quality, but also means to build a lasting home.

Tran Trang