National Quality Award Helping Companies Build Effective Business Plans

10:20:44 AM | 7/6/2019

This remark is shared by Mr. Dinh Xuan Moc, Director of Dinh Moc Mechanical Company Limited, a winner in numerous years of National Silver Quality Awards granted by the Prime Minister. In an interview given to the Vietnam Business Forum on the sidelines of the 2018 National Quality Award Ceremony, he emphasized that if companies effectively carry out the award criteria, they will find it easier to figure out development directions, build effective business plans and contribute more to the cause of building the country and bringing a better life for employees.

As your company is a repeated winner of the National Quality Awards for many years, what do you think about this program to business development in the current context of strong integration?

I think the National Quality Award is very important because it is a form of annual nationally recognized honor granted by the Prime Minister for leading companies with outstanding quality, production, business and service results. The award is also an effective tool for improving their competitiveness, enhancing their product and service positions. Without doubt, if the award criteria are well fulfilled, they will help companies identify development directions and develop effective business plans to have more contributions to the nation and bring a better life for employees.

Our company has joined the National Quality Award for four years, since 2014 and we have so far won three National Quality Silver Awards in 2014, 2016 and 2017. During our production and business processes we always look at award criteria to improve what are seen limited to us to gradually raise product and service quality to become a strong brand in the mechanical industry.

The National Quality Award is based on seven evaluation criteria, in which the role of leadership stands first. This proves the important role of business executives. So, as a business leader, how did you work together with your company to improve product and service quality?

I am aware that all seven award criteria are very important and have a useful interrelation. The “Leadership role” criterion is the most decisive because, in a company, the Party Committee and the Board of Directors decide every success of that company.

I am both the Party Secretary and the Company Director. I always uphold the sense of responsibility to the Party, the State and my employees. I always attach great importance to unity and consensus of leaders and employees. Besides, I am particularly interested in acquiring and applying scientific and technological advances and employing creative workers to make products of good quality, nice-looking designs and reasonable prices to satisfy customers’ requirements. Furthermore, I am also very focused on building a communicative culture in the company to achieve the title of a cultured company.

On this occasion of the National Quality Award Ceremony, could you please reveal your business secrets and do you have any recommendations to the Organizing Board for higher-quality awards?

Dinh Moc always bases on customer needs to speed up scientific and technological application to production to create a series of high-quality products, assert the brand name, take more market share and increase sales over the years.

Dinh Moc has also become a familiar name in the list of prize winners in many scientific innovation contests in Nam Dinh province. Specifically, in 2009, the company attended and won the prize for a new improved square mortar machine. In 2011, it got the merit for machine tool improvement which helped quadruple output. In 2013, it won the award for multi-purpose tenon milling machine.

Dinh Moc Mechanical Company Limited achieved three National Silver Quality Awards in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

In addition to innovating and improving product quality to meet customers' needs, as the leader of the company, I need to pay attention to internal affairs. For example, building solidarity and high consensus among employees is an integrated power to overcome all difficulties and challenges. Adhering to regulatory mechanisms and paying attention to legitimate aspirations of employees to build up their trust and commitment to the company is also an important focus. Party members must be exemplary in all areas for others to follow. The company regularly launches excellent, creative employee emulation movements or occupational safety and health programs to inspire their dedication at work to achieve the highest result. The company has timely commendations and rewards for employees with innovative methods for technical improvement or innovative inventions and innovative products that benefit the company.

As the grassroots business leader, based on our practical reality, I propose the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Award Organizing Board strengthen communications to raise the perception of business leaders of great significance of the National Quality Award to engage more companies to this award. The Organizing Board needs to research and improve the award mechanism to encourage prize winners and motivate others to add more effort.

Thank you very much!

Dinh Moc Mechanical Company Limited, established in April 2005, is engaged in forest product processing machine manufacturing and agricultural production. The company has 300 employees, including 150 industrial workers and 150 agricultural workers. Each year, the company sells over 10,000 mechanical machines and many clean agricultural products in the country. The company has revenue of VND85 billion and pays VND5.5 million to an employee a month on average. The company fulfils its obligation to the State Budget, takes part in humanitarian charities launched by local authorities and donates more than VND300 million to charity each year. With the 300 jobs it generates, the company helps raise incomes for local people, helps reduce poverty and shapes a central industrial - agricultural production in the province.