AEON Holds 1st Supplier Conference in Hanoi

9:02:19 AM | 13/6/2019

On June 12, AEON Co., Ltd, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam Co., Ltd organized the annual AEON Supplier Conference in Hanoi, aiming to promote the export of Vietnamese goods to Japan market.

AEON Supplier Conference is the opportunity to deepen the relationship bonding with its suppliers by connecting and supporting them to generate innovative business ideas and enhancing high quality products to meet increasing demands of domestic consumers and exporting to overseas markets.

AEON Co. Ltd and Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd shared the business policy, philosophy and the product development strategy to pursue the target of improving constantly the quality of products and services not only satisfying local customers but also matching with the international standards to exporting. AEON TOPVALU Japan and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam shared their policies and requirements of products development with the specific criteria for three key lines: Food-line, Soft-line and Hard-line to respond the standards of domestic consumption and exporting.

Through all activities of strengthening the collaboration with the suppliers, AEON group endeavored to accomplish the target of achieving customers’ satisfactions; contributing to Vietnam's economic growth and the sustainable development of local community.