Hoa Sen Massage Center: Ideal Place for Healthcare

3:38:15 PM | 19/6/2019

Founded to use a traditional medicine method to provide better healthcare for people, Hoa Sen Massage Center has been and will continue administering effective massage therapies to customers with a professional, well-trained specialist team, aiming to become a first choice of customers.

The healthcare trend is being increasingly uplifted and people are increasingly caring about their health. Seeing this tendency, since its inception, Hoa Sen Massage has constantly invested in modern facilities and introduced effective therapies to customers.

105-minute massage service package

Step 1: Taking hot and cold bath helps clean the body before entering the remedial process (3 minutes)

Step 2: Soaking with herbal water in the wooden basin - the esoteric medicine of the Red Dao people helps to eliminate toxins, reduce aches and pains (7-10 minutes)

Step 3: Soaking with medicinal water in the massaging bathtub: pine leaves, wormwood, lemongrass and incense, helps circulate blood and peace of mind (7-10 minutes)

Step 4: Dry/wet sauna with fresh ginger soaked water (5-7 minutes)

Step 5: Massage with aromatherapy with well-trained, skillful specialists. In addition, Hoa Sen Massage uses wormwood (or hot ice messaging at your request) to help repel fatigue and improve blood circulation.

Step 6: Serving snacks, fruit and water

Located at No. 1A - B1 Lot 26BC Le Hong Phong, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City - the arterial road of the city, covering a total usable area of ​​nearly 3,000 square meters, Hoa Sen Massage Center looks outstanding with a modern and sophisticated architecture with two large façades. In contrast to the outer space, the inner space features elegant, simple design, typical of Vietnam, to give customers a relaxing and refreshing spirit after hard, stressful working hours. In addition, massage rooms are fully equipped with comfortable and discreet facilities to make customers feel secure and relaxed during the course. Furthermore, Hoa Sen Massage Center has separate male and female areas, can serve a lot of customers at the same time and has separate rooms for couples.

Based on traditional therapies and herbs, Hoa Sen Massage Center has created remedies and services like soaking in medicinal leaves, bathing with herbs in hot tubs, dipping feet in fresh ginger water; dry sauna, wet sauna and sauna with Himalayan salt; soaking in jacuzzi basin at a temperature of 5-12 degrees Celsius; and hot massage with wormwood. The professionally trained, enthusiastic and dedicated staff give customers a sense of absolute relaxation and, healthiness and vitality. More interestingly, after each massage course, customers will be served free fruit, drinks and snacks to enjoy a most comfortable spirit.

Hoa Sen Massage Center is proud to bring customers the best health care services in a luxurious leisurely space in Vietnam. If you want to dispel all the fatigue in your body, seek pleasure in your spirit and body care, Hoa Sen Massage Center is always the perfect choice.

Hoa Sen Massage Center

No. 1A - B1 Lot 26BC Le Hong Phong, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City

Tel: 0225.3798999 - 0921.565.656


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