Entrepreneur Dinh Phuong Thao: Trust Yourself to Be Successful

2:44:40 PM | 20/6/2019

As a confident businesswoman with a lot of bold decisions, entrepreneur Dinh Phuong Thao, Deputy General Director of POLYCO Group, and the management board have worked together to develop POLYCO into one of leading Vietnamese corporations of research, design, manufacturing, technology transfer and high-quality human resource training, and made significant contributions to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the national economy.

Keeping necessary balance

POLYCO Group has contributed significantly to national economic development for years. A series of its modern, spacious beer, alcohol and beverage breweries have been built across the country and, if not introduced, they might be mistaken for premises built by foreign companies. To manufacture technological equipment which has equal standards to that imported from Europe, POLYCO has focused on investing in its mechanical manufacturing factories with equipment and machinery imported from Europe, including plasma welders, Plasma-Tig automatic welders, machine tools, cutters, blenders, hydraulic machines, spherical grinders and polyurethane injectors.

To have that success, Ms. Thao and the POLYCO management board have worked diligently, utilizing high intellectual resources and creative internal resources, constantly updating new know-how from the world to master new technologies. However, behind their success in the marketplace, Vietnamese female entrepreneurs still face a wealth of worries and challenges to fulfill their roles. The most difficult challenge for any businesswoman is to go beyond herself. For Ms. Thao, she does not place family affairs above company affairs or vice versa. She seeks to handle them in different ways. Therefore, with bravery and bold decisiveness, she has successfully fulfilled her important roles such as Deputy General Director of POLYCO Group, Vice Rector of East Asia University of Technology, Director of Thuan Thanh Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company, and President of SAHA Joint Stock Company.

For her, to achieve success, leaders must keep everything up-to-date and follow market developments carefully to better adapt their companies to any change in the future. Particularly, women entrepreneurs need to keep everything balanced to have good work and happy life.

Building sustainable POLYCO

In the past 24 years, POLYCO has strongly grown from a small business to a leading corporation of research, design, manufacturing, technology transfer, refrigeration equipment installation, food equipment and general contractors of EPC projects in the food and beverage industry in Vietnam.

POLYCO has outstood its peers in applying science and technology to investment, production and business activities on a large scale, integrating specialized techniques and technologies like mechanical engineering, thermology - cold, electricity - electronics, and measurement - control - automation. POLYCO always takes quality, industrial art and modern technology as the first standard to affirm its prestige to customers. Over the past years, along with the development of the beverage industry, the group has become a successful EPC contractor for key projects such as Saigon Kien Giang Beer Brewer with a yearly output of 100 million liters, Sai Gon Khanh Hoa Beer Brewer capable of turning out 100 million liters a year, and Saigon Ninh Thuan Beer Plant which can produce 50 million liters a year. The firm has also carried out turnkey projects for dairy factories of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VINAMILK) and other beverage brands. By controlling the technology, POLYCO can take on thousands of projects, including up to 70% of modern breweries in Vietnam.

In addition to capital and experience factors, any entrepreneur, irrespective of being male or female, needs an expert team. Choosing right people for right place is essential for the success of any business. Currently, Polyco has excellent Vietnamese people in the team to be confident in the work and not hesitant to approach new partners and new markets.

In addition to business creativity and innovation, by applying new science and technology, POLYCO Group established East Asia University of Technology. Since 2017, as Vice Rector of the university, Ms. Thao has been working with the Board of Directors to develop the East Asia University of Technology into a leading university in Vietnam and in the region. To train high-quality human resources and develop scientific research and promote applications and knowledge transfer, East Asia University of Technology is applying Technology 4.0 to training, and has gathered prestigious professors, PhDs and Doctors of Science who have been teaching at many major domestic and foreign universities. The university is cooperating in training with some well-reputed universities and research institutes in some countries around the world to exchange teachers and curricula and taking steps to train its students both in Vietnam and abroad and grant international certificates for some majors.

Firm in the market and steadfast in every step, Ms. Thao and POLYCO have worked to positively contribute to the industrialization and modernization of the national economy.

Our reporter has a short conversation with Entrepreneur Dinh Phuong Thao:

How did you join POLYCO's operations?

I started as an import and export staff and then a manager of material department. At first, I filled in any vacant position in the company. Gradually, I became familiar with any "corner" of the company. Currently, I am the Deputy General Director of POLYCO Group.

What do you think about creating a “personal image” to impress others?

Actually, I am just an element of a group. The success of the company is the success of all and I am only a part of it. Therefore, the brand belongs to the company. I do not intend to make it “my own image”. I will be very happy if the company grows and our colleagues have good income and life.

Do you share or “say something” with Vietnamese and international women entrepreneurs?

I am quite traditional and I still keep my point of view that quality is the first condition, followed by innovation research to adapt to new business conditions. Never should they ignore any opportunity to apply new technologies, new techniques for products and innovations. Finally, they should always seek and seize any opportunity to develop. I always set my goals higher than usual and try my best to realize them.

Thank you very much!