Celebration the full-launch of AEON Mall - Tan Phu Celadon

2:00:19 PM | 28/6/2019

To full fill these trends, AEON Mall is planning to expand its Tan Phu Celadon, offering high quality products and new business store concepts to respond to diversified demands of consumers.

Through this time expansion, with the concept “Bigger Scale – Bigger Value”, AEON Mall – Tan Phu Celadon offers new services, new in-store shopping experiences and diversified products with high quality that maximize customers’ satisfactions at each region, each corner and each specialty store. In detail, its scale increased as double along with 4-times expansion of car parking lot and over 80 tenants added.

For all customer generations, we are planning to build the “One Stop Shopping” mall that can fulfill customers’ growing demands and contribute to enrich customers’ daily lifestyle through new products, new services and shopping experience.

Since Aeon Mall – Tan Phu Celadon opened in January 2014 Opening as the 1st shopping of AEON Vietnam in Vietnam, it was constantly growing to deliver best services to satisfy its customer demand.