Tan Binh Industrial Park - Leading Light in Investment Attraction

10:43:01 AM | 5/8/2019

Set up just seven years ago and really operated for only five years, Binh Duong province-based Tan Binh Industrial Park has achieved unexpected successes. Currently, the first phase of the project is almost filled up and the second phase will be launched sooner than originally planned.

Tan Binh Industrial Park was invested with over VND830 billion by Tan Binh Industrial Park Joint Stock Company which has a registered capital of VND160 billion, founded by three founding shareholders: Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company (PHR), Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park Joint Stock Company (NTC) and other shareholders. In the first phase, the 352.5-ha industrial park is situated in Bac Tan Uyen and Bau Bang districts, in the north of Binh Duong province.

Tan Binh Industrial Park Joint Stock Company officially went into operation on July 9, 2012 and embarked on infrastructure construction from September 2013. However, until March 2014, the company officially started construction on main items to draw investors.

“In 2014, Tan Binh Industrial Park attracted the first tenant which leased more than 8 ha of commercial land. Next, in 2015 and 2016, the leasing area was 47.9 ha (59.77% more than the plan) and 55.1 ha (10.31% more than the plan). In 2017, it leased ​​43.29 ha, fulfilling 103% of the plan. By the end of that year, it attracted 50 domestic and foreign investment projects, including 21 licensed projects. In 2018, more investors came to invest in Tan Binh Industrial Park. As of December 31, 2018, the company leased 42.56 ha,” said Huynh Kim Nhut, General Director of Tan Binh Industrial Park Joint Stock Company.

Since early 2019, Tan Binh Industrial Park has licensed two more projects which hire a total area of ​​5.09 ha, or 50.90% of the year plan, totaling 62 projects invested by 59 enterprises, including 34 domestic projects and 28 foreign projects. Of these, 43 projects were granted investment certificates (with a total domestic capital of VND1,182 billion and foreign capital of US$112.78 million); 28 projects are in operation, 21 projects are under construction; and 14 projects are yet to be launched. They are now hiring about 2,700 workers.

Sharing about the success factor of Tan Binh Industrial Park, Mr. Huynh Kim Nhut said, Yen Bai State Treasury always receives timely support and guidance from Vietnam Rubber Industry Group, Binh Duong Province and Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company. Holding 80% of stake in the park, Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company - affiliated Vietnam Rubber Industry Group - has a lot of experience in industrial park infrastructure investment and management. This has helped Tan Binh Industrial Park a lot.

Another decisive factor is that Tan Binh Industrial Park has a favorable geographical position. It is located on large roads, convenient traffic routes, near to seaports and airports, and adjacent to large industrial parks such as VSIP 2, My Phuoc and Bau Bang. TBIP is only 15 km from the administrative center of Binh Duong province, 51 km Ho Chi Minh City, 55 km from Tan Son Nhat Airport and 35 km from Song Than ICD. It is smoothly connected to material zones stretching from Binh Phuoc province to Central Highland provinces along Provincial Road DT 741, especially abundant timber and latex materials from PHR and VRG member companies. At the same time, with a streamlined apparatus, low initial investment costs (as built on the land of Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company), land rentals in Tan Binh Industrial Park are quite low relative to common rates.

Tan Binh Industrial Park also has competitive advantages with flexible business policies, diverse support services, and prompt procedures of granting land-use right certificates, good customer care and well-fulfilled commitments to investors.

Nhut said, in 2019, the company will lease out the remaining area of the first ​​phase and carry out the second expansion with a total area of ​​1,055.83 ha. The company will implement necessary legal procedures to invest in 36-ha resettlement housing project to provide accommodations for workers and experts working in Tan Binh Industrial Park.

Hoang Hieu