Efforts for Better Medical Quality

12:03:44 PM | 15/8/2019

Upholding the glorious tradition and noble career of the health sector, in the past years, the health sector of Yen Bai province has been innovative, dynamic and creative to overcome difficulties to build and develop a universal healthcare network, train high-quality human resources for the cause of protecting, caring for and improving public health in the province. Ms. Le Hong Van, Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Yen Bai province, grants an exclusive interview to Vietnam Business Forum Magazine about this issue. Ngoc Dung reports.

Could you tell us some of your outstanding indicators and key tasks in 2019?

Last year, under the close leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council, the Provincial People’s Committee, with the valuable support of the Ministry of Health, with the close coordination of relevant agencies, with the active support of local people, with the ongoing effort of all the staff and the guiding spirit of the Government of “Discipline - Integrity - Action - Creativity - Effectiveness”, we have achieved and exceeded all its 24 targets, including six targets set in the Resolution of the Provincial People’s Council (among 31 socioeconomic development targets of the province).

In 2019, with the goal of further improving public healthcare and protection quality, the health sector has concentrated on 24 special targets, including six assigned by the Provincial People's Council by adopting the following key tasks:

Firstly, effectively implementing the “Project on building and developing the grassroots health system in the new context”, scaling up model commune health stations launched by the Ministry of Health; maintaining and promoting construction of communes that meet national health criteria; effectively providing good primary health care, controlling infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, food hygiene and safety, public health issues, health care programs, promoting population and family planning in the direction of shifting the focus from family planning to quality, scale and population structure.

Secondly, deploying consistent solutions to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment to increase patient satisfaction.

Thirdly, robustly applying information technology in all aspects of healthcare from province to commune; developing specific plans and roadmaps to implement electronic health records, electronic medical records under the direction of the Ministry of Health; studying on construction of smart medical hospitals.

The Yen Bai Provincial People’s Committee recently issued a decision approving and announcing the Administrative Reform Index in 2018. The Department of Health ranked first with a total score of 93.88. What do you think about this result?

Currently, public administration reform is regarded as one of three strategic breakthroughs by the Party and State to bring our country to rapid and sustainable development. Thoroughly and strictly following guidelines and resolutions of the Party and the Government and directions of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee on public administration reform, we have actively carried out those guidelines, resolutions and directions. Accordingly, the Director of the Department leads public administration reform. We’ve developed specific, detailed and clear plans and regularly and drastically check and evaluate working results.

Despite achieving good encouraging results, the health sector of Yen Bai determined that this is a very important and difficult task. We always need resolution and consensus of the entire system and working consistency and regularity because any lack of determination will drag down its standings pull immediately. Thus, the top ranking is both a proud outcome of efforts but also a challenge and heavy responsibility to keep it high in the coming time.

Thank you very much!