Nghia Van Co., Ltd Effectively Managing and Operating Irrigation Works

10:33:52 AM | 16/8/2019

As a State-owned enterprise assigned to manage, exploit and operate small irrigation and hydropower projects in four western districts of Yen Bai province, Nghia Van Co., Ltd has constantly strived to achieve assigned tasks to ensure irrigation water for agricultural production and contribute to local socioeconomic development in the past years.

Currently, the company manages, operates and protects 1,755 irrigation works serving a total irrigated area of ​​20,699.5 hectares of rice, vegetables and aquaculture in Van Chan, Tram Tau and Mu Cang Chai districts and Nghia Lo Town. In addition, the company runs four small and medium hydropower stations with a total capacity of 700 KWh and builds some basic construction projects in Yen Bai province.

Fulfilling the task of supplying water for agricultural production is a significant challenge for Nghia Van Co., Ltd. Some irrigation works have now been degraded after long use. In some localities, many irrigation systems are mostly temporary and small in scale. Breaking irrigation protection corridors is still occurring. Especially, due to complicated weather, Yen Bai province is prone to severe natural disasters. If irrigation works are badly damaged, they cannot suppor agriculture, resulting in appalling hardships.

For that reason, every year, Nghia Van Co., Ltd closely follows objectives and tasks of local agricultural production to work out irrigation plans for each area; coordinates with localities to figure out natural disaster prevention plans and timely carries out flood remedying work; closely cooperates with relevant units to supply water as planned; and conducts timely inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement of damaged equipment. Therefore, the company always ensures irrigation plans for agricultural production and aquaculture and plays a significant role in local socioeconomic development.

Anticipating economic difficulty and tightened public investment in the coming time, flooding impact is still a constant threat that affects irrigation, drainage and safety of irrigation projects. Moreover, increasing input costs and rising wages make it harder for the company to perform its duties. Hence, in order to overcome difficulties and complete assigned tasks, Nghia Van Co., Ltd is determined to maximize the supply and drainage capacity of irrigation works; manage and protect irrigation works to prevent major breakdowns, reduce costs and balance financial resources, thus improving its business performance and supporting local economic development.