Yen Bai VPG Mineral JSC Promotes Internal Resources, Steadily Advances to Success

11:35:32 AM | 16/8/2019

Yen Bai VPG Mineral Joint Stock Company (YVG) has constantly worked to expand operations by renovating technological lines to enhance product quality to meet domestic and foreign market needs, aiming to become a leading mineral producer and processor in Yen Bai province and in the northwest region as a whole.

YVG was formerly a state-owned enterprise and was transformed into a joint stock company in 2001. YVG is mainly engaged in mining and processing minerals like ceramic materials, graphite and white marble. It is also involved in other areas such as mining support services; machinery and parts repairing; real estate trading and land-use rights trading; ground freight transportation; machinery, equipment and tangible asset leasing; mineral trading, import and export; and machinery and equipment import.

After more than 25 years of development, with rich experience plus the abundant and quality raw materials in Yen Bai province, YVG has gradually affirmed its brand position to strategic partners and customers. Carrying out its production and business strategy, YVG has constantly modernized equipment and production lines to improve labor productivity, product quality and material economy and reduce prices to sharpen its competitive edge on the market.

Furnished with modern technology and machinery, staffed by skilled engineers and workers and supplied by abundant input material sources, YVG always strives to bring customers the best products and most perfect services. Product prestige and quality has enabled YVG to become a strategic partner of many domestic and foreign customers and secure an industry-leading position in Yen Bai province. Currently, in the current difficult context of the mining industry and slowing production and consumption, miners are facing numerous hardships and reducing production costs amid rising competition among industry peers and volatile input prices.

Yen Bai VPG Mineral Joint Stock Company made over VND18.5 billion of revenue, earned VND3 billion of pre-tax profit, and paid over VND6 billion to the State Budget in the first six months of 2019. Average employee pay was VND6.8 million per month.

With its right business strategy, which focuses on key solutions: Actively stabilizing operations, maintaining traditional markets, accelerating market development, signing cooperation agreements with customers, the company attributes importance to fulfilling monthly and quarterly production and consumption plans, strengthening product quality supervision, administration and management. Material and spiritual life of employees has always been cared for by the company and the trade union. Cultural activity, sporting movement and vacation are maintained and promoted to create an exciting atmosphere in the workplace.

The company’s upcoming development orientation is further to stabilize business operations to secure its leading position in the mining industry; constantly raise product and service quality to meet rising customer demand and ensure shareholder and employee interests. At the same time, YVG will continue to invest in new business projects, expand production scale and step into new business fields to diversify products to meet various customer needs.