To Be Successful in Business, You Must Be in Customers’ Shoes

2:22:08 PM | 20/8/2019

Nang Tam Rice has just been honored with the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2019 and is also the only enterprise in Vietnam to get a Vietnamese cuisine award. Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Director of Nang Tam Rice based in Bac Giang province, spoke of the company’s branding process. Luong Bich Ngoc reports.

You reportedly started your career in the beauty industry. Why did you switch to the cuisine business?

Although I am quite busy with business, I am always a chef of my family and broken rice is my husband's favorite. Having lived in Ho Chi Minh City for many years, I had eaten a lot of kinds of broken rice, some delicious and some not, but, to fit my own taste, I began to think about how to make really appetizing broken rice.

I cooked rice for my family and then invited my friends to enjoy it. It tasted delicious, special and interesting to them. So, I harbored an intention of doing this business, first to feed my husband and family and then to serve customers. Eating and drinking are basic needs of human beings. The higher living standards they have, the higher dietary requirements they seek. I thought that a customer would come to us once or twice a month to have their beauty enhanced, but they had to eat every day. Eventually, I decided to quit my beauty job and shifted to cookery.

How did you make broken rice and Nang Tam Rice branding?

First of all, I always think “the success of a chef is making a dish that satisfies consumers and the chef be dedicated enough to create the essence of cuisine.” And, this has been illustrated in broken rice dishes served to diners. To have a really delicious broken rice dish attractive to customers, it must have three attributes at the same time: rice, meat and fish sauce. For rice, although Nang Tam Vegetarian Restaurant is located in Bac Giang province in the north, I order it from Tien Giang, a southwest province. I order coconut milk used to marinate meat from southern Ben Tre province. Fish sauce must be distilled. 

I personally choose pork, which must have a clear origin. Pigs must be raised by households in conventional methods and not using growth stimulants.

My Nang Tam Rice is distinctive from that of other restaurants, as it is served with vegetables and pickled vegetables for flavor.

I also create fried rice used with poached fish sauce with meat. This ingredient is popularly used by southerners and favored by northerners as well. Black bean juice is also a common drink used with Nang Tam broken rice. To have a tasty juice, I buy from upland farmers who do not use preservatives. This is a nutritious drink, good for blood, skin beauty and blood vessels.

Food hygiene and safety is the main factor that I focus on. In addition, the restaurant landscape is also my concern. Tables and chairs at the Nang Tam Vegetarian Restaurant are made from chinaberry wood that creates a sense of purity and warmth for diners. All bowls, spoons and forks are subject 5-star hotel criteria. From bamboo toothpicks and tissues to chopstick wraps, spoons and forks are all labelled the Nang Tam Rice brand. Black and yellow are the key colors of Nang Tam Rice brand. I like these two colors because of their sense of luxury and nobility.

Nang Tam Rice brand has been highly appreciated in Vietnam. Do you have any intention to bring it worldwide?

I hope that Nang Tam Rice is served as far as possible for more people to share, feel and enjoy. Currently, some businesses are working with Nang Tam Rice on franchising in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Phan Thiet, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hue and Da Nang. In addition, some companies from other countries such as Russia, France, Germany and the United States are also keen on opening Nang Tam Rice restaurants.

Accordingly, we will transfer technology, know-how and franchise to anywhere in the world and customers will also enjoy the taste and quality of Nang Tam Rice as at home.

Thank you very much!

In early 2019, a group of international journalists coming to cover the United States - North Korea Summit in Hanoi had a business trip to Lang Son province and their only chosen dining stop was Nang Tam Vegetarian Restaurant in Bac Giang province. Usually, foreign reporters carefully carry their own drinking water, but they felt assured of using the water made by the owner of Nang Tam Vegetarian Restaurant.