Tan Thanh Electromechanics Showcases Vietnamese Expertise in Welding, Cutting Industry

10:19:14 AM | 26/8/2019

Tan Thanh Electromechanics Co., Ltd, formerly known as Welding Machine Motor Factory, was established in 1983. During its more than 35 years of development, with its sensitive, flexible and proactive approach to market demands, the company has become a leading brand in the welding and metal cutting industry in Vietnam, delivering best values to customers across the country.

Tan Thanh Electromechanics manufactures welding machines and metal cutters in Vietnam such as automated submerged arc welding machines, NC plasma cutters; DC rolling welding machines and bolt welding machines. With its business approach of dare to think, dare to do and dare to experiment, the company successfully researched and applied Thyristor technology to heavy industrial welding machines and inverter technology to rod welding machines, TIG welding machines, MIG welding machines and plasma cutters to produce better welding. In addition, the company makes other specialized welding machines required by customers such as tole welding machines (used for galvanized lines), automatic mesh welding machines (applied to automatic grill production, steel mesh production), automatic rolling welding machines and underwater welding machines.

With the closed production process, from boards to components, Tan Thanh Electromechanics always focuses on modern production lines, modern automatic equipment (CNC machine tools, welding robots, automatic circuit board pinners, and automatic wire spinners, etc.) to increase output and product quality. At the same time, the company has constantly studied and invested in most modern technologies for production and confidently affirmed its leadership in the welding and cutting industry in Vietnam. In 2017, Tan Thanh Electromechanics was proud to be the first to represent the Vietnamese welding and cutting industry at the International Welding - Cutting Exhibition in Shanghai and export its Tan Thanh welding machines. Especially, on October 10-12, 2019, the company will participate in Vietnam Welding Exhibition 2019 - the leading international exhibition in Vietnam on welding materials, equipment and technology. Debuted at METALEX Vietnam 2019, the company aims to bring the brand of Vietnamese metal cutters and welders to international markets. METALEX Vietnam 2019 - WELDING Vietnam 2019 themed “Growth industry and outstanding progress” will take place at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center and highlight smart factories. The event is expected to bring together over 500 brands from 25 countries and attract over 10,000 professional visitors.

With diversified designs, superior quality and high applicability, Tan Thanh products are now available in almost all provinces and cities nationwide, meet increasing demands of customers and domestic manufacturing industries. Especially, Tan Thanh Electromechanics has built up a reputation and brand and received many compliments from customers like Lilama Corporation, Dai Dung Mechanical Company, Dung Quat Oil Refinery and Nghi Son Oil Refinery. This success partly comes from the company’s constant innovation and improvement to adapt to the world’s powerful technology flows and from the ongoing effort of its employees who are always dedicated to work for customers’ interests and for the company development.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tien, Director of Tan Thanh Electromechanics Co., Ltd, said that welding is an important and indispensable stage in all industries, from shipbuilding, automobile and aircraft production to construction and electronics. In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, applying modern welding technology has become more and more intensive, requiring welding businesses to quickly adapt to and change for technology. Being aware of this, Tan Thanh Electromechanics always conducts research on foreign advanced technologies and applies them to practical and creative production practices. The company also constantly improves production processes, accelerates production automation to reduce costs, enhance product quality, and sharpen the competitiveness of Tan Thanh Electromechanics brand in the domestic and global markets.

Also, according to Mr. Nguyen Duc Tien, the Vietnamese welder and metal cutter industry is facing fierce competition with China. In this context, Tan Thanh Electromechanics makes highly competitive and advantageous products; applies 4.0 technology to production to heighten the brand value and create new resilience on the way of integration and development. “In the next six months, we will produce high-tech welding products and we will expand our factory by five times in the next two years to effectively meet the rising market demand,” he said.

Thanh Tung