Southern Power Corporation Expanding Renewable Power Development

2:21:16 PM | 28/8/2019

In response to the Government’s policy on encouraging and promoting renewable energy development, Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) has focused on informing and supporting consumers to install rooftop solar panel systems in 21 southern provinces and cities, from Ninh Thuan to Ca Mau. This development approach produces direct economic and environmental benefits.

The rooftop photovoltaic power station consists of panels that absorbs solar energy and convert it into electric energy. In the dark when solar energy is not available, home appliances use grid electricity. In early morning or late afternoon when solar energy is weak, electrical equipment uses part of solar power and part of grid electricity. When the solar energy is peak, the system will generate maximum power. If electrical equipment is not used up, the excess electricity is sold to electricity utilities, recorded by a two-way meter.

According to statistics, as of July 2019, in localities served by ​​EVNSPC, 4,817 customers installed two-way power meters (2,840 one-phase meters and 1,977 three-phase meters). Rooftop photovoltaic power stations sold 7,563,663 kWh of electricity to the grid as of July 2019. Panel capacity is 109,229 kWp.

In addition, in the renewable energy development strategy, the rooftop photovoltaic power station system is also being installed by EVNSPC on all office buildings of power companies and distribution transformer stations managed by EVNSPC. About 400 rooftop photovoltaic power stations with a combined capacity of about 13 MWp will be installed. The corporation completed 179 stations with a capacity of 7,369,7kWp by the end of July 2019, of which 167 stations with 6,884,3kWp in combination have been put into operation.

EVNSPC Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Ly said, in response to the Government’s policy on encouraging and promoting renewable energy development, the corporation is making efforts to inform and support consumers to install solar power systems. Accelerating solar power use not only helps the electricity industry reduce pressure for the supply system and ensure power supply sources, but also contributes to environmental protection and cost savings for consumers, both corporates and households.

In 2019, in order to achieve the goal of developing the rooftop photovoltaic power station in southern provinces and cities, Southern Power Corporation has carried out many specific solutions such as communicating and promoting renewable energy on the media to encourage the use of this energy; readily advising, assisting registration, installing stations and signing power purchase contracts on solar power; installing free two-way power meters; signing contracts to buy and sell excess electricity generated by businesses and households.

He said, customers from Ninh Thuan province to Ca Mau province who install rooftop photovoltaic power stations will be offered free two-way power meters that measure excess electricity sold to the grid. The corporation will sign power purchase contracts with feed-in prices specified in Circular No. 05 dated March 11, 2019 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. They can contact EVNSPC Customer Care Center for support and consultation by calling 19001006 or 19009000 or visiting its website

However, according to EVNSPC, the installation of rooftop photovoltaic power stations has encountered certain hardships. For example, authorities are yet to introduce equipment standards for consumers to choose the right ones.

In addition, there are not enough independent accrediting agencies to confirm and announce equipment quality before connecting to the grid as per Circular 39/2015/TT-BCT on electricity distribution system.

Vinh Hoang