DOJI Tower: Biggest Center of Precious Stones, Gold and Jewelry in Vietnam

3:58:58 PM | 9/10/2019

On September 6, 2019, DOJI Group officially inaugurated DOJI Tower - the headquarters of the Group and the largest center of precious stones, gold and jewelry in Vietnam, with a unique architectural space. This is an architectural work located at No. 5 Le Duan, with magnificent beauty like a giant diamond with a perfect and brilliant cut in the capital of Hanoi.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung emphasized: “Hanoi City calls for domestic and foreign corporations to invest in shopping and service centers to serve tours and exhibitions, as well as culinary delights for Hanoians and visitors. DOJI Group's work is to concretize the above objective of the City." At the same time, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung hoped that the DOJI Tower project would contribute to attract customers and be the address for people to visit and purchase gold and silver products.


In addition to giving the people of the capital a unique sound and lighting art performance, DOJI Tower also brought special events in the series of activities to celebrate the inauguration of the building.

In particular, on the evening of September 7th, at DOJI Tower, a jewelry show took place with the theme “Shine Bright Like A Diamond”, with the presence of Vedette Hong Que and other models to introduce the jewelry collections. Along with the lyrical, passionate voice of singer Quang Dung, DOJI Tower made an unforgettable emotional impression.

On the afternoon and evening of September 8, street performances and a vibrant music party took place. Especially just under this "giant diamond", the golden couple of showbiz Dong Nhi-Ong Cao Thang had a sweet proposal with the 99-cut engagement ring of DOJI Group's Wedding Land.

With this impressive series of grand opening events that no other tower could have organized, DOJI affirmed its unique position as the headquarters of the DOJI Gold & Gemstone Company - among the Top 5 largest private enterprises in Vietnam over a decade. At the same time, DOJI Tower is completely worthy of being the largest, most unique and luxurious Center of precious  stones, gold and jewelry of Vietnam and the region.
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