Namson Engineering: Pride of Vietnamese Brand and Aspiration to Go Global

2:20:22 PM | 18/10/2019

With high applicability and outstanding performance, the demand for laser equipment products in production and life has increased significantly and leveraged the development of this industry in recent years. This favorable environment has enabled Nam Son Technology - Engineering Co., Ltd (Namson Engineering) to affirm its position as a leading laser equipment supplier in the Vietnamese market.

Set up in 2002, Namson Engineering is the brainchild of experienced, devoted electronic and automatic experts. With a solid foundation, the company has opted for its own way of researching and manufacturing its laser machines with special competitive advantages. After 17 years of continuous innovation, Namson Engineering has become a Vietnamese brand with reliable, quality products; good after-sales service; and enthusiastic, qualified and experienced staff.

In its development history, July 2012 marked a milestone when the company officially launched Vietnam’s first laser marker called Namson PowerMARK. This machine treats equipment in various industrial fields such as automobile, mechanics, molding and jewelry, making it very popular in the market. Also at this time, Namson Engineering successfully assembled the Italian technology OEM laser welding machine called Namson PowerWELD for the first time. Motivated by these success, in 2017, the company assembled the first Vietnamese brand laser cutter named PowerCUT. From these three underlying products, Namson Engineering offers a wide range of laser markers, cutters and welders with many advantages (simple design, rigidity, swift operation on various materials, easy integration with industrial production processes). Typical products include PowerMark C Series laser markers; PowerMark F Series fiber laser markers; PowerMARK U Series laser markers; Namson PowerCLEAN laser cleaners; Namson PowerCUT S1530-DC fiber laser cutters; Namson PowerCUT SF Series fiber laser cutting machines; Namson PowerWELD Arm200 laser welding machines; and Namson PowerWeld 150J laser welding machines. In addition to outstanding quality and high applicability, Nam Son-branded laser equipment features a high localization rate and optimal customization for market demands. This is also a competitive advantage of Nam Son laser machines against imported rivals because the company’s products are much more competitive in price.

The 17-year journey of building the brand name and proving the prestige and quality of products manufactured and distributed by Nam Son has resulted in a wide network of customers, not only in Vietnam but also around the Asia-Pacific region. Its notable customers include Sumitomo, Toshiba, Nydec, Isuzu, Mercedes-Ben, Fischer, Kem Nghia, PNJ, SJC and Bao Tin Minh Chau. Trusted by these domestic and foreign industry-leading companies, Nam Son-branded laser products continuously receive positive feedback and appreciation from customers. Ms. Hieu from Kem Nghia Company said, “Using PowerMark laser markers, I feel that PowerMark is working faster and making products more beautiful with sharper and smoother markings. Especially, I feel very satisfied with the Nam Son support staff. They are very enthusiastic, sociable and extremely likeable.” Mr. Canh from Nidec Copal Company happily said, "Using the PowerMARK CO2 laser markers, I realize that the machines have a lot of advantages such as rapid, solid and high quality marking in addition to user-friendlier interface than some of machines of the same kind we are using." And, Mr. Ha, owner of Kim Tin Jewelry Shop, cheerfully said, “With Nam Son laser cutters, our shop has solved a lot of work thanks to its exquisite carving, high precision, sophistication in each product.”

In a conversation with us, Mr. Dang Ngoc Quy, Director of Namson Technology - Engineering Co., Ltd, revealed that, to increase the coverage of Nam Son brand and bring the “Made in Vietnam” laser brand to the world, Nam Son participated in METALEX Vietnam - an international exhibition on specialized in machine tools and metalworking. “Nam Son has participated in METALEX Vietnam many times and achieved very positive outcome. We also have good news: Experts from Samsung Group went directly to Nam Son's factories in Thu Duc district to help us apply production improvement programs to create products that meet highest standards and requirements. Recently, Nam Son has been contacted by big industrial manufacturers such as Samsung and Foxconn, which have high demands for specific laser products. Although these are just initial contacts, the interest of leading electronics corporations in the world will be the key for Nam Son to confidently reach out and become a reliable partner of global brands,” he stressed.