Dow Vietnam Receives the Fifth Consecutive AmCham’s Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award

2:39:54 PM | 1/11/2019

Recently, Dow Vietnam received the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Recognition Award by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi (AmCham) for its corporate sustainability initiatives in Vietnam, marking the fifth consecutive year that Dow has been named in the winner list. This prestigious award is a recognition of a reputable organization for Dow's best practice programs in Vietnam to help the local community address the challenges, promote sustainable development and protect the environment.

Mr. Ekkasit Lakkananithiphan, General Director of Dow Vietnam said, “Dow has been to Vietnam since 1995. Our vision is to become a key partner of the country’s economic growth and a caring member of the Vietnamese community for the long term. We are actively engaging with various stakeholders to provide Dow’s new innovative and green technologies and to improve the well-being of community in a sustainable way.”

In Vietnam, Dow has implemented a diversity of programs in 2019 in order to maximize community, environmental and economic values for better people’s lives. In particular, these initiatives include the following:

- First asphalt road using recycled plastics in Vietnam:  The project pilots a circular economy solution to turn post-consumer recycled plastics into new, valuable resources. Dow is working to find new uses for post-consumer plastics to advance a circular economy, retain the value of plastics and keep waste out of the environment. The project brings together local governments, infrastructure investors, asphalt suppliers, waste collectors and the material science industry to help tackle the plastic waste issue in Vietnam.

- Beach clean-up: Partnering with the local government, universities, customers and other partners, Dow Vietnam led #PullingOurWeight program at Vung Tau Beach with the participation of more than 450 people. The activity motivated the participants, their families and friends as well as the community in protecting the environment, sorting out waste at source and keeping the plastics waste out of the environment.

- Dow Vietnam STEM Education Program: The project inspired students with Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Thousands of students from 06 top technology universities in Vietnam utilized their technical skills and innovative ideas to design, build and develop prototypes to address the country current challenges such as welfare community improvement, food safety and sustainability.

- Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: In partnership with Chemical Society of Vietnam, Dow organized 17 field trips to visit several state-of-the-art chemical plants in Vietnam for more than 700 chemistry students across the country to better their understanding about chemistry career and industry. 

- Donation to Vinh Thanh 2 Primary School in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai: Dow partnered with the local government and customers to build a moveable roofing at the school-yard. The project provided the school better facilities and helped more than 800 pupils enjoy outdoor activities and exercises for good health in a safer manner.

Mr. Adam Sitkoff, Executive Director, AmCham Hanoi said, “We are delighted to witness Dow is receiving the AmCham’s CSR Recognition Award for five consecutive years. The award demonstrates that Dow has taken the leading role in incorporating social responsibility into its overall business strategy. Dow’s sustainability projects have generated long-term economic and social gains.”