Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee Holds Regular Meeting in October

9:33:54 AM | 4/11/2019

Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee recently hosted its regular meeting in October, chaired by Chairman Nguyen Van Tri.

At the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri stressed that resolutions on contents and levels of funding support for implementation of intellectual property development program in the province, and support for technological innovation and technology market development in the province in 2020-2025 will create a basic and favorable legal corridor to attract investment, especially into science and technology. The Provincial People’s Committee agreed in principle on contents of the draft resolutions and assigned the Department of Science and Technology to collect opinions from departments, businesses and scientists to complete the drafts for the Provincial People’s Committee to submit them to the Provincial People’s Council.

The meeting also agreed with the report and the draft resolution, submitted to the Provincial People’s Council, on prices of medical examination and treatment services not covered by the Health Insurance Fund in State-funded medical facilities and prices for some cases in the province. Regarding this content, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri assigned the Department of Health and other related departments to continue studying, supplementing and completing the draft contents for the Provincial People’s Committee to report it to the Executive Board of the Provincial Party Committee before submitting it to the Provincial People’s Council at the end of 2019.

With respect to adjustments to housing development program to 2030, he delegated the Department of Construction to clarify urban residence contents; study and update ongoing and completed urban housing projects in Vinh Phuc to calculate housing development programs. The department will continue to collect constructive ideas and complete the housing development program to 2030 for the Provincial People’s Council to report on the Executive Board of the Provincial Party Committee.

On amendments and supplements to some articles of the Provincial People’s Committee’s Decision 17/2012 on management of relics, artefacts, antiques and national treasures in the province, Chairman Tri asked the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and relevant agencies to further review revised contents which need to specify the role and responsibility of District People’s Committee in preserving and promoting relic values; and study and arrange funds for relic management.

The meeting also opined on the statement of one-year service land settlement and resolution of existing concerns over collection of land-use fees in places still not allocated to the people.

In this regard, Chairman Tri requested a complete settlement of this matter in 2019 and asked the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to work with relevant agencies to guide the settlement of service land, openly and transparently supervised by the public people.

On some tasks for the last months of 2019, he required departments and localities to be more drastic in environmental protection; study on increased funding for environmental protection in 2020; introduce new countryside construction models for districts and communes; effectively carry out Project 01 of the Executive Board of the Provincial Party Committee; and prepare conditions for the opening of Party Congress at all levels.

Ngoc Anh