Paying Way for Bamboo, Rattan Industry to Go Global

10:38:26 AM | 8/11/2019

Known as the brand imbued with the traditional and long-standing culture of Vietnamese people - Au Co Bamboo and Rattan Export Enterprise (Cooperative) has gained significant achievements in manufacturing rattan products, processing domestic rattan materials for the home market and export, and planting rattan materials.

A united team

The brand of Au Co rattan and bamboo is led by Mr. Nguyen Truong Thien, Director of Au Co Bamboo and Rattan Export Enterprise, the "captain" of enthusiasm and love for bamboo and rattan craft, a business has a long history in Quang Nam province. Mr. Thien shared “In order to have a brand and a foothold like today, we have experienced many difficulties, especially from 2009 - 2012, when the world economic crisis took place, causing the unit nearly going bankrupt. But with the spirit of determination, together with the solidarity of the collective of working people, we managed to maintain production, using reserve funds to make up for the losses. In 2015, Au Co bamboo and rattan waste basket was recognized as a national typical rural industrial product.

Up to now, after more than 11 years of branding, the Enterprise has been expanding strongly in afforestation and restoring sources of raw materials for fine arts and crafts production; exploiting and processing rattan materials of all kinds. All Au Co's products are made from natural rattan materials such as rattan baskets, rattan trays, pots, clothes baskets, and other interior furnishings. They are not only for domestic consumption but are also exported to European and Asian markets such as France, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It is committed to providing high quality, meticulously designed, but still modern products while retaining the natural beauty of rattan materials. Every year, Au Co is also willing to spend part of its revenue upholding the traditional value of "the good leaves protect the torn leaves" of the Vietnamese nation, by actively supporting the construction of gratitude houses or sponsoring disabled students with VND500,000 per month.

Constant efforts

If you want to have good product quality, you need to have good human resources. The workers in Au Co have breathed vitality into the inanimate bamboo and rattan materials, to create familiar household products. Therefore, in order to retain workers, it has many policies on the material and spiritual life of workers. In particular, it has strictly implemented policies on the salary, bonus, health insurance, accident insurance for workers.

“We have actively signed contracts with local people to plant rattan materials under the forest canopy inside and outside the province. To ensure the environment and workers' health, we have also actively applied cleaner production processes from planting clean materials to applying scientific and technical advances in processing. Accordingly, Au Co has built a centralized wastewater treatment system and incinerator to supply hot air for drying rattan and raw materials. The biggest benefit of cleaner production is not only to create reputation and improve product competitiveness; but also make an impressive "plus" of Au Co in the eyes of customers and partners, “Mr. Thien said.

Au Co has been step by step opening the way for the country's bamboo and rattan industry to go global by adopting the basic approach to the market. Certainly, by working closely with Quang Nam authorities, Au Co will upgrade the rattan value chain, contributing to improving the province's bamboo and rattan industry, increasing people's income in the countryside.

Au Co Rattan Company

Group 7, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Tax code:  4000 300 353

Specializing in manufacturing, supplying and exporting rattan and bamboo handicrafts.

Export markets include Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.