Social Security Database and Civil Management Information Connection System Launched

10:49:44 AM | 22/11/2019

The Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Justice and Vietnam Social Security recently co-hosted a ceremony to launch the social security database and connect registered information and civil management through the National Government Service Platform (NGSP) in Hanoi with the aim of declaring certificates of birth and issuing health insurance policies for kids under six years old.

On May 22, 2015, the Prime Minister signed Decision 714/QD-TTg on promulgation of the priority list of the national database to build the platform for e-government development. Specifically, national insurance database is defined as one of six important databases to form a foundation for e-government development.

In response to the Prime Minister’s Decision, the Vietnam Social Security established, supplemented and completed the interconnected database to serve insurance management, share with and connect with related ministries and branches such tax, health, customs, finance, labor and social affairs. The social insurance-specific database, in addition to meeting professional requirements and serving people and businesses, also helps establish the national insurance database. The Government, the Ministry of Information and Communications and relevant ministries and agencies defined that the National Insurance Database is an important component of e-government architecture, along with five other databases (National Population Database; National Land Database; National Business Registration Database; National Database on General Statistics of Population, and National Finance Database) to form a platform for modern, transparent, efficient and interconnected Vietnam e-government.

To use the social insurance database, in 2019, the Ministry of Information and Communications worked and coordinated with the Vietnam Social Security and the Ministry of Justice to pilot connectivity and information sharing through the NGSP to connect and share birth declaration information for issuance of health insurance policies for children aged under six as provided in Joint Circular 05/2015/TTLT-BTP-BCA-BYT dated May 15, 2015 of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Health.

After a one-month pilot in 13 provinces and cities, more than 15,000 birth certificates and health insurance cards were issued. Birth certificates and health insurance cards for children under six years old will be interconnected to all localities across the country by the end of 2019. The connection of civil status registration and management information system (to the ward/commune level) with the insurance database system (to the district level) is a big leap in data connectivity, linking and sharing among central and local authorities. The connection of national business registration database with the online public service portal of the Vietnam Directorate of Roads, with the scope reaching provincial transport departments, will help handle 500 records a day. According to the Ministry of Justice, about 8,000 birth certificates of children qualify for health insurance cards a day, accounting for more than 1% of administrative transactions handled by citizens.

These databases have helped the social security industry reform administrative procedures, improve service quality, and achieve many goals set by the National Assembly and the Government.