Trade Resumed at VN-China Border Gate amid nCoV Outbreak

1:18:03 PM | 7/2/2020

Customs clearance for import and export of goods with China resumed Wednesday at Huu Nghi international border gate in Lang Son province after suspension due to the outbreak of the nCoV epidemic.

The move is part of the Government’s effort to maintain normal trade in goods between the two neighboring countries despite the complicated development of the epidemic.

Trucks, drivers, and traders (if any) from China shall be subject to medical checks before customs clearance. After that, trucks will be instructed to move to designated zones. Drivers and traders will only stay in quarantined areas until customs clearance procedures are completed then they are asked to return China.

On the other hand, trucks which carry Vietnamese exports to China will be controlled by a designated team of drivers under strict medical supervision. After finalizing customs clearance procedures, those drivers shall follow compulsory steps of medical check and quarantine at the border gate.

Earlier, to minimize farmers' and exporters' losses and prevent buyers from lowering farm produce prices, local authorities have suggested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Government resume trade in goods to handle soaring inventories.

The resumed customs clearance has helped eased traffic congestion in Lang Son as more than 360 trucks were waiting to carry exports to China.

The same day, up to 66 trucks underwent customs clearance at the border gate.

The Government has said fighting nCoV epidemic is top priority while at the same time deploying prompt measures to boost trade with China in a bid to mitigate negative impacts of the epidemic on the economy.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry estimated that trade with China may dipped by 5-8% (about US$600 million) in the first quarter this year due to the nCoV outbreak.

Meanwhile, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said exports would drop, with agriculture, aquaculture, apparel and smartphone components seeing the greatest fall in export volume.

Agriculture was expected to be hit the hardest during the outbreak as China was the biggest market for Viet Nam’s vegetable, fruit and aquatic products, he added.

Source: VGP