Uniting Southeast Business Community

11:40:04 AM | 19/2/2020

For the past year, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Vung Tau Branch (VCCI Vung Tau) has worked tirelessly to support companies and businesspeople in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in particular and the Southeast region in general to overcome hardships, thus positively spurring local socioeconomic development and uniting the local businesses community.

Carrying out the working agenda in 2019, VCCI Vung Tau defined its top goals: Assisting businesses, supporting the development of a highly competitive, active, confident and integrating business community, and improving corporate social responsibility. Based on these strategic goals and devoted to its ongoing efforts, VCCI Vung Tau posted a year of excellent operations. Not only successfully fulfilling its duties, the branch performed well its political tasks; acted as a representative protecting legitimate rights and interests of the business community; and implemented extensive trade and investment promotion activities to support business development.

Advising the Party and the Government on policies and laws on business climate is one of major activities of VCCI Vung Tau, aiming to make more active contributions to local community development. In 2019, the branch aggressively spread Resolution 02/NQ-CP to the entire community in order to raise the awareness of Party committees, authorities, public servants, Party members and people; and carried out the program on building and disseminating business laws and policies. In the year, VCCI Vung Tau hosted 15 seminars and training courses to introduce new business policies to about 1,350 enterprises in the province, including the dissemination and update of import and export tariff search instructions; training necessary knowledge of import and export flow inspections; update on the Law on Social Insurance 2019, training on new C/O software; update on employment contracts and dispute resolution.

Informing and disseminating Party and State views and policies was also focused by VCCI Vung Tau, conducted in various forms such as conferences, seminars, presentations and training courses, thus helping businesses capture and properly implement Party and State guidelines and policies.

At the same time, VCCI Vung Tau also paid attention to training and developing enterprises and entrepreneurs, seeing this as an essential work to execute its mission of developing, protecting and supporting the business community; and built a strong, prestigious, capable entrepreneur force in the global business environment. Accordingly, in the past year, the branch organized 69 short-term training courses for 6,580 business representatives, focusing on such topics as cash flow management, document archives, middle managers, soft skills in management, KPI, and electronic invoices.

In addition to stimulating entrepreneurship, building and developing the business community, VCCI Vung Tau worked with the Provincial People’s Committee to select, reward and honor businesses and entrepreneurs with prestigious awards like Lighthouse Award; and respect businesses on the occasion of October 13 - the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day. Through these programs, the voice and the role of enterprises and entrepreneurs are increasingly affirmed, and spread a stronger impact on the public, local government and social community.

As regards support for businesses in trade and investment promotion and international integration, VCCI Vung Tau actively increased support for enterprises in international integration, including boosting communications and introduction on integration, and assisting local enterprises to deal with trade barriers to foster exports. The branch also invited external business delegations to the province to seek cooperation opportunities with local businesses which in turn had the opportunity to reach out to the world. In the year, the branch led local business delegations to Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey and other countries, while welcoming delegations from Japan, the U.K., the Tom and Kaliningrad regions of Russia, India, South Korea and other nations.

Performing its role of representing employers, in 2019, VCCI Vung Tau continued to carry out action plans to execute instructions of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee on strengthening leadership and shaping harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations in enterprises by taking part in labor legislation and suggesting practical policies for the Labor Code. The branch also launched many training, consulting, support and capacity-building programs for employers; informed and disseminated laws on labor relations in settlement of labor complaints and disputes for businesses, thus helping build a harmonious and stable labor relations in enterprises.

Director Vu Thi Thu Ha said that in 2020, VCCI Vung Tau will closely adhere to Party and State policies on economic development, business development, and entrepreneur development as stated in the Resolution of the National Party Congress and other important resolutions of the Party and the Government; follow resolutions on economic development, business development and entrepreneur development for the southern key economic region, and especially resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Council of Ba Ria - Vung Tau in 2020. Furthermore, the branch will persistently support the business community and businesspeople, and make VCCI Vung Tau a reliable representative of the business community, employers and business associations in the Southeast region.

By Van Luong, Vietnam Business Forum