BIWASE's Chairman - Enthusiastic and Devoted Entrepreneur

2:09:59 PM | 12/6/2020

Every business has its own working principle, which is considered a compass for all activities and a source of motivation to stay firm in the market. For Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Binh Duong Water - Environment Joint Stock Company (BIWASE), that philosophy is built on broad sincerity: "We must do a right business, which is not only good for the company but also good for society and everyone else.”

After nearly 42 years of studying and working in a socialist environment, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, born into a revolutionary family, is always open to new things, innovative at work and continually tries his best in all positions appointed and all tasks assigned to best serve the development of BIWASE. From a very small business entity, BIWASE has become a top water supply, drainage and environment service company.

Managing and leading the company for nearly 30 years, in addition to his contributions to scientific and technical development, he has built a perfect workforce where all employees, regardless of rank and position, are well trained to do their work. Being aware of the company’s development approach, all employees feel secure with their career and devote themselves to the company. Thus, BIWASE’s productivity and business performance has improved a lot and so has the reputation of BIWASE brand.

Sharing the secrets of BIWASE's cultural and development success, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien said, building a corporate culture is a long and arduous process. So, the company needs a leader with a right perception and viewpoint, a strong faith and burning desire. Building the corporate culture means serving common interests of the company.

Among these successes is the waste-to-fertilizer plant, a key project in Binh Duong province that BIWASE has endeavored and invested to turn waste into useful resources. This is also the third bio-organic fertilizer plant, sourced from daily waste, in Chanh Phu Hoa Branch. This facility has brought the daily treatment capacity of three plants to 1,680 tons, thus ensuring the recycling rate of more than 70% of waste. The third facility, with a daily processing capacity of 840 tons, is considered the largest in Vietnam and Southeast Asia by experts for the time being. Specially, all garbage trucks coming into and out of the facility are carefully disinfected. This is rare in Vietnam and the world and only a few countries can do this.

Regarding tap water supply, BIWASE fully meets all customer needs in its service locations. The company has always paid attention to expanding water supply capacity and pipeline networks, and increasing access to more customers, even in rural areas.

To employees, he always cares deeply, sincerely to each of them. In addition to the good salary and bonus regime, BIWASE employees are also cared for in their spiritual life. This helps BIWASE keep a strong and professional workforce to lead the company forward.

Besides, BIWASE has spent a lot of money for charitable programs, the poor, disaster victims and disadvantaged families. These profound humanistic values are typical of Vietnamese people.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum