Manulife Vietnam and Cong Dong Bau Empower Families to Take Control of Their Financial Future

10:43:32 AM | 23/6/2020

You can never be fully prepared for the joys and challenges that come with starting a family, however one thing you can plan for is a more secure financial future. Manulife Vietnam is making it even easier for families to plan ahead thanks to a new five-year exclusive partnership with Cong Dong Bau.

With over 1 million babies born every year in Vietnam, now more than ever it’s important that families consider the benefits of a good financial plan to help manage medical and other costs associated with raising a child. 

Considered one of the country’s most trusted communities for expecting and new mothers, Cong Dong Bau provides exclusive advice and support to more than 5 million members across Vietnam. The new collaboration between Manulife and Cong Dong Bau is set to inspire members with a holistic look at family planning, leveraging both company’s almost 30 years of combined experience in financial planning and parenting advice.

The partnership between the two organisations was cemented at a special signing ceremony at the Sheraton in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday 22 June, marking the beginning of an exciting new parenting solution for Vietnam.

Speaking at the launch, Hoe Shin Koh, Chief Partnership Distribution Officer at Manulife Vietnam, was confident the new agreement would deliver many great benefits to the community.

“Family planning is an important topic right now and many people are looking for the right guidance and advice when it comes to raising a family and building a strong financial future. Manulife Vietnam is here to help make decisions easier with practical financial solutions that offer the right protection and support during those early years and beyond,” said Hoe Shin.

“By partnering with Cong Dong Bau we can also help empower expecting and young mothers with the right knowledge and advice so they to feel financially prepared and in control as a parent – every step of the way.”

Cong Dong Bau offers both expecting and new mothers with children under the age of five access to a unique ecosystem that includes a network of 300 hospitals, products, services, events and knowledge to confidently embrace motherhood.

Truong Thuy Thu Quynh, General Director of Cong Dong Bau, believes the partnership will offer parents a new perspective to consider when it comes to family planning. 

“Today's parents to be want the best for their children and Cong Dong Bau offers mothers the right care and support for navigating those early years. Raising a child is never an easy task and through our new partnership with Manulife we can offer our community the opportunity to feel more secure and also help educate all Vietnamese mothers about the benefits of being well-protected,” said Quynh.

The Government in Vietnam is also leading the way in providing support for the country’s expecting and new mothers, with the Ministry of Health raising awareness of both financial planning and medical care for families. Addressing the crowd at the event, Nguyen Duc Vinh, Director of Vietnam Maternal and Child Health Department, Ministry of Health, used the opportunity to highlight the importance of looking after mothers and children in the community.

“The Department of Health and Cong Dong Bau have partnered to create a new comprehensive educational booklet designed to offer essential care and advice on pregnancy, birthing, and disease prevention. The ‘Comprehensive Care for Pregnant Mothers and Infants’ booklet will be launched in August 2020 and presented to parents preparing to have their first child, Cong Dong Bau members, and Manulife customers when they attend antenatal care and childbirth classes at the key obstetric hospital in major cities across Vietnam,” added Vinh.

D.B (Vietnam Business Forum)