Kiwaco Constantly Improving Water Supply Capacity and Quality

9:55:13 AM | 24/6/2020

Boosted by rapid urbanization, the look of Rach Gia City, Kien Giang, today has changed dramatically towards a green, clean, beautiful, civilized, modern city where material and spiritual life of people has been improved significantly. This success is substantially contributed by public utilities in the province, especially Kien Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Limited Company (Kiwaco).

Priority for water supply network development

Lying in the key economic region of the Mekong Delta, Kien Giang has relatively fast economic growth. The increasing development of urban centers and industrial zones in the province requires the water supply sector to develop accordingly. To effectively meet water demand for industrial production and people's daily life, Kiwaco always gives top priority to developing water sources and supply networks to upgrade its service capacity and modern livelihoods. Currently, Kiwaco is managing 13 water plants and water supply stations in the province with a total supply capacity of 110,000 cubic meters a day and supplying tap water for more than 122,038 households. In 2019, the company produced 45,248,180 cubic meters of water, equal to 101.42% of the full-year plan; sold 33,648,390 million cubic meters of water, or 102.21% of the plan; made total revenue of VND288.770 billion, or 105.94% of the plan. The rate of water loss is 25.63%. The water quality and pressure always meets quality requirements and effectively satisfies the need for clean water of local people.

To upgrade water production capacity, Kiwaco has also actively promoted cooperation to increase water supply to customers while reducing pressure on funds for construction investment. In 2019, Kiwaco focused all capital sources for many new investment projects. The company invested a total of VND26.88 billion in its projects, of which Kiwaco spent VND24.03 billion and other sources contributed VND2.85 billion. Kiwaco effectively carried out its network expansion projects to meet consumer demand in Kien Giang province. The company upgraded Phu Quoc Water Plant up to 24,000 cubic meters a day (put into operation in May 2019); renovated the pumping station for Rach Gia Water Plant (May 2019); HDPE D110 QL 63 water supply pipeline in Chau Thanh district (July 2019); HDPE D110 QL 80 water supply pipeline (August 2019), HDPE D90 and D63 QL 63 water supply pipelines (August 2019), Tri Ton - Hon Soc water supply pipeline in Hon Dat district (the first quarter of 2020). Moreover, the company also uses its own capital in combination with other capital sources to invest in expanding the 72-km water supply pipeline network.

To raise the water supply quality, Kiwaco also invested in improving infrastructure and equipment (renovating Tan Hiep water station complex - Phase 1; installing salt-based disinfection system with Javen controllers, Giong Rieng water supply station and Hon Chong water supply station) and other auxiliary works for production and business activities. The investment in construction and improvement of water supply infrastructure has been carried out by the company with the right focus, based on practical conditions and demands.

Ensuring water supply for people in the dry season

Since early 2020, drought and saline intrusion are complicated and harmful to people's livelihoods in the Mekong Delta region in general and Kien Giang province in particular. In this context, Kiwaco actively carried out many consistent solutions to ensure enough fresh water for people in the dry season. For water supply in urban areas, Kiwaco is currently producing about 70,000 cubic meters of water a day, of which the capacity of Rach Gia Water Plant is 58,000 cubic meters and the output of Nam Rach Gia Water Plant is 12,000 cubic meters. In order to ensure water supply during the dry season, from the beginning of February 2020, the company reduced the supply capacity to the network by about 20,000 cubic meters a day but the demand was still fully met.

Kiwaco Director Nguyen Huu Hoai Phuong said, in addition to Rach Gia City, Kiwaco's supply coverage reaches Ha Tien, Kien Luong, Hon Dat, Phu Quoc, Tan Hiep, Giong Rieng, Chau Thanh, An Bien and An Minh. Water levels in lakes and canals in Rach Gia, Ha Tien and Kien Luong areas are always maintained at full state. The company also assigns personnel to work around the clock to monitor the progress of water intake, sampling and salinity checking. In the worst case, 20 standby drilling wells, with a total capacity of 25,000 cubic meters, will also be operated to supplement the water source to serve the needs of the people.

For Duong Dong Lake (Phu Quoc), Kiwaco particularly monitors and reports regularly to adjust the capacity for the reservoir's capacity. "This year, though salinity and drought are forecast to be equal or more severe than the time in 2016, with Kiwaco’s response plans, people can be assured that there will be no shortage of running water,” he said.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum