Vien Son JSC Asserting Vietnamese Brand

10:12:27 AM | 20/7/2020

Lam Dong is a southern province in the Central Highlands with favorable natural conditions for developing agricultural production, especially tea, coffee, vegetables, fruits and flowers. To use this rich source of raw materials, on October 25, 2006, Vien Son Joint Stock Company was established to produce and process high-quality agricultural products for high-class domestic and export markets. 

With its right development strategy and devoted workforce, after nearly 15 years of operation, Vien Son Joint Stock Company has become a well-reputed supplier of food products such as fresh and frozen vegetables, especially Japanese sweet potatoes and bell peppers, in the province of Lam Dong.

Currently, the company is strongly developing fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes and bell peppers for domestic demand and for export to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries, with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons. At the same time, to make the most of raw materials in the packaging stage and meet the increasing demand for deep processed products, the company invested in building a frozen processing factory and has become a professional supplier of sweet potatoes, eggplants and pumpkin to many selective markets around the world such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Its export shipment amounts to 1,900 tons a year.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Da, Director of Vien Son Joint Stock Company, said, "With the business philosophy of ‘better product for better life,” Vien Son is committed to bringing fresh, organic, safe, and hygienic products to consumers and bringing a good life to both customers and employees. Therefore, we always define that the vitality to the business is making safe and organic products. Consumers can be absolutely confident about the company’s products supplied to domestic and foreign markets.”

To do this, the company launched consistent production-oriented solutions, boosted processing capacity and expanded consumer markets. In particular, Vien Son Joint Stock Company has focused on technology solutions, invested in production equipment with new production lines, technological innovations, factory upgrading, new product development, employee training, quality management, quantity and delivery guarantee. The company's products have been certified with various international certifications such as HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005.

In addition, in order to have enough quality inputs for export processing facilities, Vien Son Joint Stock Company has effectively implemented the sustainable production and consumption model in agricultural production with farmers. “To become input vendors for the company, farmers must strictly adhere to requirements subject to planting organic vegetables, ensure products grown and supplied according to international standards such as GLOBAL GAP and VIETGAP to supply organic agricultural products for the market,” he emphasized.

In order to take advantage of opportunities brought about by new generation FTAs and the ASEAN Economic Community, Vien Son Joint Stock Company invested in building and expanding modern processing factories. In the coming time, it will supply more products of higher quality for domestic and foreign markets, create growth breakthroughs in production and business, affirm the agricultural brand of Lam Dong province in particular and of Vietnam in general, and elevate the position of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international arena.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum