VNPOLY Becomes Supplier of Raw Fiber for Adidas and Target

10:17:20 AM | 18/8/2020

After two years of renewed commercial operations, the Vietnam Petrochemical and Fiber Joint Stock Company (VNPOLY) has affirmed its quality and conquered high-grade segments in both domestic and international markets, including the world’s leading brands of Adidas and Target.

The DTY yarn produced by VNPOLY and its partner has passed rigorous quality checks from customers who are the two main material suppliers of the Adidas Group and Target Group in Vietnam.

As many as 437 tonnes of VNPOLY-produced yarn has recently been provided to the abovementioned enterprises to produce high quality textile products.

The two main material suppliers of Adidas and Target in Vietnam are scheduled to maintain regular orders with VNPOLY and import about 50 tonnes of fiber per week.

In addition, a number of other customers in high-end segments also plan to buy yarn produced by VNPOLY with orders of 45-70 tonnes of DTY yarn per month.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, VNPOLY has coordinated with its partners to produce over 2,000 tonnes of yarn in the first seven months of the year. Orders from traditional customers have been maintained, including from the US which consumed nearly 135 tonnes of VNPOLY yarn in the past few months and ordered an additional 90 tonnes of VNPOLY yarn in August and September this year.

Source: NDO