Haesung Vina Co., Ltd: Business Aligned with Environmental Protection

9:40:30 AM | 28/8/2020

Haesung Vina Co., Ltd, based in Khai Quang Industrial Park, manufactures cameras, components for smartphone cameras, precision optical instruments, and action cameras with a total yearly output of about 136 million products. Haesung Vina constantly improves technology, invests in modern production lines and equipment, reduces cost, mitigates environmental pollution risks, enhances the working environment for workers and raises product quality.

To reduce production costs and create a professional, healthy and friendly working environment, the company is applying the 3D5S process (3D = Directing - Discussing - Delegating; 5S = Sort - Set in order - Shine - Standardize - Sustain). The factory system meets all standards concerning clean room and personal protective equipment for workers. The company has built a wastewater treatment system and regularly cleans the warehouse.

In addition, the company has constructed storage tanks, installed pumping systems to reuse wastewater treated by the RO filtration system in other activities such as watering plants, cleaning warehouses and the toilets, thus cutting costs and protecting the environment as well.

To improve research and application capacity of new production technologies, right in the beginning, the company established a Product Research and Development Department (R&D) staffed by highly qualified experts and engineers, coordinated with the Hanoi University of Technology to establish a R&D center on optoelectronics to transfer optics and optoelectronic technology and train highly qualified human resources.

With its achievements, on April 27, 2017, the company was granted a high-tech enterprise certificate by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company has now mastered the technology. In addition to manufacturing autofocus equipment for cameras, the company has successfully improved different types of cameras, and can manufacture various highly applicable products such as camera modules for automobiles, flycam cameras, and optical cameras used in the medical field. Not only improving equipment, the firm has also searched for environmentally friendly input materials and recycled materials for extra use.

The company consumes about 57 million kWh of electricity a year. To reduce energy costs and assess current energy consumption, Haesung Vina has cooperated with Bach Khoa Energy Audit Company to audit energy consumption to find unreasonable consumption points, adjust and replace equipment like replacing fluorescent bulbs with led bulbs, installing inverters for air compressor systems, building operational processes and periodically maintaining machinery to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve energy efficiency. Especially, its research has revealed its potential use of solar energy. The firm has worked out a plan to install and test the solar panel system for production.

With its consistent solutions for cleaner production development, Haesung Vina reduces production costs, minimizes environmental pollution, and improves production efficiency. In 2019, the firm made revenue of US$357.6 million, employed more than 4000 workers, of which over 90% were local, and contributed positively to local socioeconomic development.

By Thanh Loan, Vietnam Business Forum