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Please let us about regulation on administrative penalty in commercial activities

Posted: Friday, March 07, 2008

On 16 January 2008, the Government approved the Decree No. 06/2008/ND-CP (the “Decree”) on regulating administrative penalty in commercial activities.
Accordingly, this Decree regulates on the administrative violation activities, forms and levels of penalty, methods of solution, authority and procedures for performing the penalty of administrative violation in commercial activities with regards to Vietnamese and foreign individuals and entities carrying out commercial activities within Vietnam territory, including the following violation:
(i)                              Violation on the Certificate of Business Registration;
(ii)                             Violation on establishment and activities of foreign entities;
(iii)                           Violation on marketing and sales of goods;
(iv)                            Violation on commercial promotion;
(v)                             Violation on import/export;
(vi)                            Violation on commercial brokerage activities; and
(vii)                          Other violations.
Individuals and commercial entities shall be penalized from warnings to financial penalty for the violating actions relating to the above matters. This Decree also regulates on the details of financial penalty levels and subsequent penalty forms and application of bad-result solution methods or revoke of Certificate of Business Registration/Establishment License upon the damages caused by such violations.
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