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Vinacomin Hon Gai Coal Co.,: Heading towards Innovation, Sustainable Development

Posted: Thursday, December 30, 2010

From one of the worst performers of the State-owned Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) due to disperse mining locations, small coal reserves, thin coal seams, and complex mine structures, Vinacomin - Hon Gai Coal Company has become one of best of Vinacomin in all operating aspects. In addition to sustaining business operations, the company also attaches much importance to labour safety and environmental protection - the targets the company is heading for.
Asserting top place
In the late 1990s, Hon Gai Coal Company was referred to a poor performing coalminer where business operations were weak, and workers were underemployed and underpaid. The difficulty multiplied when the coal industry separated many large units in Hon Gai, Cam Pha and Uong Bi coal companies and made them new companies affiliated to the Vietnam Coal Corporation (Vinacoal), which is now Vinacomin.
After the move, Hon Gai Coal Company only possessed small units, limited and dispersed mines, unwieldy management apparatus, insufficient engineers and workers as many good personnel moved away or dropped out.
But, since 2004, Hon Gai Coal Company has made great progress. Production constantly improved, sending up annual coal output. Even in the toughest difficulties arising from the global economic crisis in 2008 and 2009, the company confirmed its leading position in the industry. Particularly, the company produced nearly 1.5 million tonnes in 2008 but the output rose to 1.9 million tonnes in 2009 and was estimated to reach 2.75 million tonnes in 2010. The average monthly income of a worker has constantly improved, from VND5 million in 2008 to VND8.5 million at present, making the company one of the best employers in the coal industry.
Mr Pham Hong Long, Director of Vinacomin - Hon Gai Company, said: These prideful production and business results come from the spirit of “discipline and consensus” of the entire company, from leaders to manual workers. Working sites were restructured to enterprises and upgraded to modern technique and high-level personnel to boost operating performance and management.
Besides, Hon Gai Coal Company concentrates on its efforts on investing and renovating mining technologies. For underground mining, the company has successfully replaced wooden wall supports with hydraulic columns and gables, becoming the first coal company to use hydraulic technologies for walls. It has also mechanised all coal railing and conveying processes, installed mine gas alarming systems and equipped miners with personal first-aid kits. For open-pit mining, the company has invested synchronous production lines and modern equipment like Komatsu trucks with tonnage of 37 - 58 tonnes, and hydraulic excavators with bucket capacity of 3- 5 cubic metres.
Towards safe and environment-friendly production
In coalmining, workplace safety and environmental protection are top priority of the company, from leaders to miners. Mr Long said the company has been putting forward self-safety programme. All staff, no matter what positions they hold, must responsibly protect themselves and teammates. Specifically, all staff must strictly follow working procedures, regulations and technical specifications and complete their jobs. Annually, Hon Gai Coal invests between VND25 billion and VND30 billion to boost mine safety and strengthen safety supervising system to ensure that working space is spacious, airy and safe for workers. The company also installed a concentrated gas alerting system valued at VND14-15 billion in Thanh Cong, Giap Khau and Cao Thang enterprises. Besides, it installed suction ventilators and sound absorbers in coalmines.
In addition to ensuring production safety, the company also sets much store by environmental activities. Mr Long said: “We can say that the company has made a breakthrough in environmental field. Environmental management boards are set up from the company to enterprises and are led by a deputy director and an engineer in each enterprise. These responsible men are sent to environmental training courses held by the Vinacomin Group. All operational and upcoming mines satisfy legal documents on environmental standards provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
Particularly, in 2010, the company invested nearly VND10 billion for environmental activities. Pulverisers were installed in dusty areas like coal screeners and roads. Coalmining sites were covered by green trees.
The company upgraded conveyor systems to reduce dusts. It also coordinated with the Vinacomin - Environment Company to build wastewater treatment plants with individual capacity of 2,000 - 2,500 cubic metres a day in Cao Thang, Giap Khau and Thanh Cong enterprises, etc. Furthermore the company also built fence, sewers and silt pits at coaling depots and banks to prevent landslide.
And, especially, in the coming time, the company will strive to build green working offices and mines. It will install water purifiers to meet everyday demand of workers and build waste collection systems in mining areas. According to plans, Vinacomin - Hon Gai Coal Company will carry out many new mining projects which will satisfy all modern investing and environmental criteria.
Vinacomin - Hon Gai Coal One Member Limited Company was established on May 15, 1955 from previously French-run SFCT Company. After 55 years of construction and development, the company is now a leading coalminer with many good-performing affiliated units like Cao Thang Coal Enterprise, Giap Khau Coal Enterprise, Thanh Cong Coal Enterprise, Coal Enterprise 917, Coal Processing and Trading Enterprise, and Hon Gai Coal Services and Trading Company.
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