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METRO in Forefront Applying QR Code to Support Customers Tracking down Product Origin

Posted: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

METRO (MM Mega Market Vietnam) launched its QR code plastering application (for product information coding) to help customers who seek traceability of food products using their smartphones, first to be used at MM Mega Market An Phu store.
With the solution, MM Mega Market’s customers will be able to easily go through full information on a product by scanning QR code with their smartphones, includingfarm information(location, certificate code, validity date), slaughter information (premise, certificate, slaughter date,…).
Mr. Phidsanu Pongwatana, CEO of MM Mega Market Vietnam, said: “At MM Mega Market, we always place quality, hygiene and safety for food products first, with a wide range of strict quality control norms.So I believe that plastering QR code to a product is a necessary step to protect the very fundamental right of the customers, which is to have access to safe and quality products, as well as to provide convenience for customers to verify a product the way they need to.”“At this point, we already have 19 vegetable and fruit product lines from Da Lat at 19 stores of MM Mega Market and 37 pork products affixed with QR codes.And more products with QR codes will come very soon”, added Phidsanu.

19 vegetable and fruit product lines from Da Lat at 19 stores of MM Mega Market affixed with QR codes


Using the QR code is an excellent way to help customers track down the sources and origin of products quickly and at no cost.Products affixed with a QR code will come with necessary background information on them.To get the information, consumers can follow these simple steps:
Ø Step 1. Download the QR Code decoding application to their devices.Download a QR scanner, QR code scanner or other software through the CH play (Android phones) or Store (Windows phones) or App store (iOS phones).
Ø Step 2. Install the app into the device.After that, consumers can start the scanning process to decode the QR code for the product they want, by:(1) Opening the app on their phones; (2) Directing the device’s camera onto the barcode area; and (3) Reading the results.
By a simple movement, when scanning QR code on product, customers will know clearly about product’s information
One of Metro’s suppliers, Mr. Nguyen Thi Huong Ngoc, Vice Director of a Saigon Animal husbandry and Food manufacturing Co. (SagriFood) plant – Nam Phong Food Processing Plant commented:“In a time when food hygiene and safety is an alarming concern, the QR code solution comes in as an effective way to have strict control of the sourcing, origin and transparency of products, while also strengthening food quality, hygiene and safety governance.We work with the different departments of the farm to get the information to input into the QR code.”
As a trailblazing firm in promoting and improving public health through safe food supply chains, by taking the lead in applying the QR code for product traceability this time, Metro proves once again its number one priority is food product safety and hygiene.

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