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Working Towards Making Affordable Housing Affordable

Posted: Friday, September 23, 2016

To explore these growing opportunities in the affordable housing sector in Southeast Asia, Bricsa Consulting is hosting the Affordable Housing South East Asia 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 5-6th December 2016. The conference is designed to initiate a dialogue and debate between senior key stakeholders to discuss a myriad of topics related to affordable housing.
In response to the growing need for affordable housing and development, land laws and regulations have been reformed to create favourable conditions for real-estate developers to enter the southeast housing development market. By significantly lowering and fixing interest rates below prevailing market rate, the 30 trillion stimulus package introduced by the Vietnamese government improved affordability to middle income households, albeit at a high cost to government.
The opening address of the conference will be given by Mr. Vu Van Phan (Deputy Director – Housing and Real Estate Management Bureau) and Mr. Trinh Truong Son (Head – Urban Housing Development Department) from the Ministry of Construction highlighting the new real estate and housing laws.
Key speakers such as David Blackhall, Managing Director ofVina Capital will address the ways to improve accessibility to finance for affordable housing developers. Alternatively, access to housing finance, which has been a major barrier for increasing affordability, will be one of the focal topics of discussion.
Bui Ngoc Anh, from the Vietnam International Law Firm will address the framework set out by the 2015 housing laws for reform in the housing sector. The conference therefore, aims to create a knowledge sharing platform that worlds primarily towards achieving an affordable housing solution to meet with the current high demand.
Bricsa Consulting is engaged in producing high-end networking and knowledge sharing platforms, for senior executives from the government and private sector in the emerging market. Our effort is to provide business communities with superior products designed by thoughtful research. We foster communication among our customers from the industry and working professionals enabling them to work more efficiently and thereby advancing knowledge and learning. Our dynamic growth allows us to invest continually across a larger geographical market. We think ahead, move fast and promote change. Creative business models, innovative products and mutually beneficial international partnerships have established us as a trusted name in the information age.
For further information, please contact:
Mr. Preet Dubla, Marketing Executive
Bricsa Consulting
+91 22 42984103

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