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VCCI Law Update Programme for Employers

Posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Responsibilities of production and business facilities for application of labour safety technical inspection, labour safety training, occupational health and labour environmental monitoring.
a) Reviewing, classifying people in need of training, list of machinery, equipment and materials in need of strict safety measures and sanitation and list of workplaces exposed to occupational health and safety risks; establishing plans and organising regular technical inspections, safety training, occupational health and workplace environment monitoring in accordance with the law; updating occupational health profiles related to harmful elements that need workplace environment monitoring undertaken when there are changes in technological processes, production processes, when the workplace is restored and upgraded.
b) Building detailed training programmes and materials on the basis of the Group 4 training framework programme and organising training for employees. In case the facilities do not directly provide training but hire third parties, the third parties are responsible for creating detailed training programmes and materials where appropriate training contents to production and business facilities are required.
c) Prior to December 31 every year, submitting a report on regular technical inspection of labour safety, safety training, occupational health and workplace environment monitoring to local State management agencies where the facilities are located.
d) Paying the full of salaries and other benefits to entities administered in the course of training as prescribed by the law.
e) Paying expenses covering technical labour safety, safety training, occupational health and workplace environment monitoring, assessment of training conditions and occupational health; and accounting expenses to production and business expenses.
f) In case of employing job-paid workers, contractors and subleasing workers, employers must be responsible for providing safety training and occupational health for them.
g) Keeping records and documents, including: files; machinery and equipment inspection results; detailed training programmes and training materials; trainee and examinee lists; copies of certifications to this effect; files and labour environment monitoring results.

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