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Potential E-commerce Market Platform

Posted: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) in partnership with the Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) officially launched KIU - a B2B e-commerce platform enabling consumers to buy products from Vietnamese producers in particular and Mekong countries in general. According to experts, with the KIU Platform, Vietnamese businesses will have a free online tool to seek and boost exports to developed countries such as Australia, the United States and Japan. More importantly, they can call for capital support for business operations.

Dominic Mellor, a senior economist from ADB, said, this specialised programme was developed by the Australian Government and ADB. KIU Platform has three components: KIU Market - KIU e-commerce floor (kiuasia.com), a free online tool enabling consumers and distributors around the world to seek reputable suppliers and manufacturers, from Vietnam and Mekong countries (about 1,000 products of 80 Vietnamese enterprises have joined this exchange, first of all focusing on children’s clothes, home furnishings, handicrafts and school equipment); KIU ERP is a cloud software specialised in comprehensive business management solutions such as importing, selling, manufacturing, accounting, taxation, human resources and warehousing applied with international and regional accounting standards (monthly subscription fee of US$7); and KIU Shipping - a partnership with major shipping partners such as FedEx and DHL offers easy tools for buyers to estimate and arrange international shipping from the Mekong Region via a variety of methods to desired destinations.

Giving analysis to advantages of KIU Platform, KIU Chief Executive Officer Steve Landman said that the foundation of KIU was built from a study of factors that hindered private sector development, conducted by MBI. And, this study showed that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing difficulties in accessing international markets. From the fact, experts and businesses decided to develop a solution to this problem. In Southeast Asia alone, SMEs are also experiencing similar market development problems and KIU Platform will partially fill the gap, said Steve Landman. KIU Platform helps manufacturers and exporters to realise their desire of reaching the world by using KIU marketing tools and platforms.

Dominic Mellor said KIU helps consumers across the world to source from reliable and trustworthy suppliers of baby clothing, home furnishings, handicrafts, and school supplies in Vietnam in particular and Mekong countries in general. Vietnam and Cambodia are the first two countries to receive maximum supports of the programme.
He added that KIU is different from previous electronic trading floors. KIU will create more jobs in Vietnam and Cambodia. KIU Platform represents a game changing marriage of technology, private sector ingenuity and overseas development assistance to propel economies forward.

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