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Chance to Win Singapore Trip through Searching, Comparing Travel Insurance on GoBear

Posted: Wednesday, April 05, 2017

GoBear Vietnam on April 3 launched its travel insurance comparison product on its website In celebration of the event, GoBear Vietnam is hosting a small online competition for users called “My dear Bear, go with me to Singapore”, with the special prize being a 2-people Singapore tour worth of VND 20 million.

The competition provides a chance for travel lovers a safe and accomplished trip when joining GoBear Vietnam to search for, compare and choose their most favored travel insurance plan before actually being on the go.


This new offering of GoBear Vietnam also provides users with the opportunity to get hands-on experience in searching and comparing among 26 different products with approximately 100 international travel insurance plans from 21 suppliers already in the Vietnam market, including non-life insurance companies and insurance brokerage firms. This will help users in Vietnam save time and efforts in search for and selecting the travel insurance products that best fit their needs.

Talking about the launch of the travel insurance comparison tool this time around, Mr. Tran Nhat Khanh, GoBear Vietnam Country Director said: “Travel insurance is seen as a useful solution that helps travelers explore the world without having too much on their mind about the potential risks of the trip. This ‘safety card’ will come in handy for them in the event of personal accident, medical expenses, loss of baggage and personal belongings, trip cancellation, along with numerous other benefits. So far, whenever we need access to a travel insurance plan, we often rely on the advice or recommendations of friends and family. By unveiling a tool to compare financial insurance products in an unbiased and unique way, we are trying to create a routine of comparing and searching for information among users so that they can independently select the products that befit their own needs.”

It is safe to say that GoBear is the first webpage in Vietnam that offers users a free, personalized, manifold and most importantly unbiased way to compare travel insurance products, thus helping users in Vietnam to find the benefits packages that best fit their needs, to ensure that whether they go on a retreat or business trip, they and their family will be guaranteed safety and fun.

Since it officially went live in Vietnam in early December 2016, with two products – comparison of credit cards and personal loans, GoBear Vietnam was able to land over 200,000 comparison hits on the website and became a trusted provider of search and compare services for financial products in Vietnam.

The travel insurance comparison product launched at this stage is part of GoBear’s strategy to diversify services and adding more benefits to users over time. In markets like Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines, travel insurance comparison has increasingly been a trusted and favorite practice among users.


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