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Trung Thuy Group: Well Positioned by Projects

Posted: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

For more than 20 years of construction and development, Trung Thuy Group has steadily grown and continuously made miraculous development progress. Domestic and global economies have been volatile in the past few years, but Trung Thuy Group has managed to overcome all hardships to achieve important development milestones. The following conversation with Mr Nguyen Trung Tin, General Director of Trung Thuy Group, features the success story of Trung Thuy Group. Van Luong reports.

With its continuous efforts, Trung Thuy Group has been seen as a miracle of Vietnam and is gradually affirming its position in international markets. Could you please introduce your remarkable projects?
Trung Thuy Group is known as the founder of Miss Aodai brand and the builder of Lancaster HCMC Service Apartment and Office Building, which has become a new standard of elegance and luxury. Lancaster is proud to be one of the pioneers in establishing modern living and working spaces, together with high-end facilities and services in Ho Chi Minh City since 2004. Lancaster Hanoi is situated in the heart of diplomatic quarters of Hanoi, near the Hanoi Business and Trading Centre.

Its Lancaster Lincoln is designed to create an American lifestyle in the heart of Saigon. Lancaster Lincoln brings a true urbanity through top-class amenities and a true residence - a cosy home of every inhabitant. This is not only a place you return to after an exhausting working day or a place you live everyday, but also a place you experience premium amenities for your personal and family life. You do not need to go anywhere as, right in Lancaster Lincoln, you can visit an 8-storey luxury shopping centre with a choice of amenities such as shops, cafes and restaurants to shop with comfort or enjoy delicious foods in cosy spaces with your family. Another project, Lancaster Lux, situated on the bustling Nguyen Trai Street, will be a prestigious residential address for luxury home owners. With five floors for business and 37 floors of serviced apartments, this project will offer quality amenities and attentive services that are akin to the Lancaster brand.

Trung Thuy Group never runs after the number of projects executed, but what it cares about most is project quality. Therefore, the group’s projects illustrate its devotion and desire to bring in true value and create more beautiful images for Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the country in general.

The market is always a place of fierce rivalry. To survive and develop, any business must always move forward in the right direction. Would you reveal the strategic objectives and specific solutions that Trung Thuy Group has taken?
The achievements that Trung Thuy Group has obtained are the foundation for the group to continuously and sustainably grow in the coming period. With a vision of becoming a multi-business group, Trung Thuy Group will stay steadfast to its core businesses (real estate, agriculture and tourism). In addition, the group will expand joint venture and cooperation with other partners to globalise the brand name of Trung Thuy Group. In order to consolidate internal resources, the group will continue to upgrade and perfect its governance system to ensure professional operations and ready integration with global partners.

In agriculture, Trung Thuy is cooperating with Saigon Agriculture Incorporation Limited. The cooperation project, to cover over 500 ha of land, is expected to have the investment decision by the end of 2017. This is an organic self-contained farming development model. Visitors will experience the farming processes and they can self-pick fruits and vegetables. The group does not have the intention of selling their products to the market in early stages. In the coming time, Trung Thuy Group will strengthen cooperation with big agricultural groups in the world to invest in many farm models, combine agriculture with hospitality and turn this place into a destination which is not only for healthy entertainment and organic meals, but also an interesting site for learning and researching.

In tourism, Trung Thuy Group is currently working on the construction of a floating market on the Ben Nghe Canal, near the tidal dam. Once deployed, it is likely to draw more foreign visitors to Ho Chi Minh City as they will have the chance to experience a special river-borne product that has not been seen in their countries. Currently, Trung Thuy Group is rushing to complete design options to submit to the city leaders for approval.

The success of Trung Thuy Group is certainly the result of innovation, constant creativity, product quality enhancement and self-improvement to survive and develop in today's competitive market. Trung Thuy Group has always confidently affirmed its position in the market by taking firm steps with the enthusiasm of a business that persistently strives to devote itself to the country's wealth. With its economy of scale and solid internal foundation that Trung Thuy Group has built up over the past 20 years, we believe that Trung Thuy Group now has sufficient internal forces to actively grasp cooperation opportunities in both domestic and international markets, readily engage in large-scale industries and make the most of them, create new groundbreaking values in the way ahead.

Above and beyond, Trung Thuy Group has strong experienced employees, who quickly find their feet in advanced technologies. They have contributed to the current success and reputation of Trung Thuy Group. In particular, its salespeople are very enthusiastic, thoughtful, highly qualified, and very professional. When customers need consultancy, the group’s employees always stand ready to support them.

It is said that starting a new business now is inspired by only messages. What do you think about it?
In my opinion, the above remark is not accurate because business start-up has never been supported that much. On the mass media, start-up information is updated regularly and continuously. Creating a wave of entrepreneurship with big start-up projects and making Vietnam a start-up nation to change the nation's status in the world is one of key tasks set by the Government. And, 2016 was seen as the year of entrepreneurial spirit. If entrepreneurial motivations of previous entrepreneur generations were simply derived from the search of a breadwinner, the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s young people carries aspirations to show personal virtues, contribute to the country, and create more jobs. Therefore, it is necessary to have consistent policies from the Government and other authorities to create the most favourable environment for business start-ups.

Do you have any advice for young people who are preparing for a start-up?
To be successful in business start-up, the condition precedent for young people is their self-commitment. They now have a lot of opportunities to become good entrepreneurs because they are exposed to a lot of modern information channels, have specialised training schools and have opportunities of meeting successful entrepreneurs. However, to help them exercise what they have learned, entrepreneurs should facilitate future generations to expose to real business life and help them promote their talents and skills, and lead the nation on par with other in the region and the world.

On the occasion of the year of APEC Vietnam 2017, do you and Trung Thuy Group have any message to partners and investors? Which of your fields hold cooperation potential?
Vietnam is a developing country and it will become a developed one soon. Without doubt, Vietnam has affirmed its position on the international arena as a country with fast-growing economy, political stability, opening business and investment environment, and hospitable, hardworking and studious people. Therefore, this is a good time and opportunity for foreign investors in general and APEC investors in particular to survey the market, invest and do long-term business in Vietnam. The Government and competent authorities are reviewing legal documents, policies and mechanisms for appropriate amendments and supplements to suit international business standards.

In the coming time, Trung Thuy Group will step up investment in real estate, agriculture and hospitality, and diversify its business operations and scopes. The group will strive its best to partner with devoted, visionary international investors interested in the above business fields. In addition, it will always respect its partners, ensure long-term and sustainable cooperation in order to bring into full play their particular strengths in business cooperation fields and strictly comply with the law of Vietnam and the world. The motto of cooperation and investment of Trung Thuy Group is “For the sustainable development and interests of all stakeholders”.


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