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Real Estate Market Enlivened by Hung Thinh Corp's Projects

Posted: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

After 15 years of construction and development, Hung Thinh Real Estate Business Investment Corporation (Hung Thinh Corp) has quickly emerged to affirm its leading position in real estate market in Vietnam. As “Good wine needs no bush,” the corporation has continuously been asked for handshakes from domestic and foreign customers to develop projects across the nation. With a new face and a solid footing plus financial and personnel availability, Hung Thinh Corp is aiming for higher objectives with the desire of providing customers with products which not only have guaranteed quality and sufficient utility, but also carry artistry in every living space.

Brand position affirmed by existing projects
Hung Thinh Corp is famous for successfully developing affordable housing products and integrating modern amenities designed for those with stable income and for young people. With its deep knowledge of market and homebuyer psychology plus its advantages of having a closed business investment process, Hung Thinh Corp's products are highly competitive by quality, cost, affordability and liquidity.

Hung Thinh Corp's projects are located in not only business districts, but also in suburban districts, about 7 - 10 km from the downtown, with convenient traffic connections and services. In addition to projects in the east of Ho Chi Minh City, Hung Thinh Corp is expanding to the west of the city, including the northwest and the southwest. These residential areas still have high prospects for further property development and giant residence construction and they are counterweights to nearby urban clusters. Moonlight Park View project on Road 7, Binh Tan District and Moonlight Boulevard on Kinh Duong Vuong Street are being carried out to meet housing demands of people from southwest provinces who go to Ho Chi Minh City to study and work.

To date, Hung Thinh Corp has developed over 30 projects across the country. In particular, the corporation has created the landmark with its success in the first model residence - Golden Bay in North Cam Ranh Peninsula, Khanh Hoa province. Golden Bay is designed to serve various settlement and investment demands of customers in the city and neighbouring provinces.

It is clear that Hung Thinh Corp’s projects are very important and practical.

In 2017, Hung Thinh Corp will offer nearly 8,000 products of reasonable price to customers. Specifically, the corporation will supply over 5,500 apartments, 1,000 residential land lots, 250 seaside villas and 1,000 secondary homes to the market. This year is also marked the corporation’s involvement in hospitality/hotel and tourism. Accordingly, Hung Thinh Corp will operate 200 three-star hotel rooms and build hotels and resorts of 3 and 4 stars nationwide.

Towards long-term sustainable development
Remarking on the corporation’s future development orientations, Mr Nguyen Dinh Trung, Chairman and CEO of Hung Thinh Corp, said that, to enhance business efficiency and facilitate the sustainable development of Vietnam's real estate industry, Hung Thinh Corp will continue to focus on building up its brand reputation as well as good relationship with partners and customers. The corporation will concentrate on researching target and potential customer groups to provide tailor-made products and study customer tastes to shape an appropriate product structure.

To develop its brand name and to reach the regional level, during its construction and development process, Hung Thinh Corp always attaches much importance to attracting virtuous talents, the factor that helps the corporation take on many large projects at the same time and ensure the timely completion and quality.

Mr Trung said that Hung Thinh Corp has such impressive achievements because it has right investment strategies, cherishes its prestige in business and places its rights and interests after those of customers and the community as well. He added that, to stand firm on the market, especially in real estate business, the corporation not only has talents but also always sticks to ethics rested in every product. The vigour and sharpness to grasp every opportunity and promote potential internal strength is an important factor for Hung Thinh Corp to overcome hardships to achieve the long-term sustainable development as now.

Practical experience for young people seeking to start a business
Sharing his experience with young people who have the intent of starting a business, Chairman and CEO of Hung Thinh Corp, Mr Nguyen Dinh Trung said, “First of all, I want to say that choosing a job best-suited to personal competence and strength is most important. Career counselling or career guidance will first and foremost help them define their personal aptitude and strength, and understand generally and basically about targeted careers, as well as social demands for such careers. Without choosing the right job to develop their competence, they will not only waste time and money, but also regress social development and displace educational goals.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, I think, you have to be really passionate, brave and persevering with your choice. Without passion, an entrepreneur will not be able to make enterprising and unwavering decisions. In addition to basic knowledge of their business, they must be keen on learning to constantly improve their knowledge, identify and update new information and knowledge. I think, you should realise your dream, readily take on any work to gain your precious experience. And in particular, you must stay alert and wise to keep professional ethics in business. Only enduring passion, persistence and devotion can help you go a long way with your chosen career.”

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