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Me Trang Coffee - Brand from the Heart

Posted: Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Starting 17 years ago (October 20, 2000) in Khanh Hoa province, with many practical and effective activities, entrepreneur Luong The Hung has gradually spread the reputation of Vietnamese coffee in the international arena with his Me Trang Coffee brand. To learn more about his passionate journey to the success of Me Trang Coffee, we have a conversation with Mr Luong The Hung, President of Board of Directors and CEO of Me Trang Coffee Joint Stock Company. Han Luong reports.

Being a famous coffee brand in the market today, Me Trang Coffee has experienced many memorable stages. Could you share more about this?
From a coffee factory named The Hung set up in the 1990s, eight years later, Me Trang Co., Ltd was established. In 2007, it was renamed to Me Trang Coffee Joint Stock Company. And, today, it is not only one of the 100 most famous brands in the country, but also a popular name in the world, particularly in Russia, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries. Following that success, the company decided to invest nearly VND300 billion to build a state-of-the-art factory. Together with an abundant workforce, the company has constantly focused on researching new products, upgrading models and package designs and brands to become the best coffee brand in Vietnam. With that effort, in the first three months of 2017, Me Trang received a lot of good news. Notably, at the Coffee Fair and Exhibition in the framework of the sixth Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2017, Me Trang was one of 20 products to win “Quality Coffee Cup for Community Health”. Also in March, Me Trang Coffee was honoured to receive the "ASEAN Strong Brand 2017” in Singapore. In particular, Me Trang is the only coffee product to serve the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) in 2017. This has partly confirmed the golden quality of Me Trang Coffee products in both domestic and international markets.

Each brand has its own hard beginning in the course of construction and development. Me Trang Coffee is no exception. And, the company’s success comes from the timely valuable support of the local government, and the unity and unanimity of the entire company.

There are many famous coffee brands in the market, with many being marketed and advertised very heavily. Me Trang Coffee has left its impressions in the heart of consumers. So, what are the core values of Me Trang Coffee, to have gained such success?
In every activity, the company always upholds its belief that “Coffee is an invaluably trusted spiritual friend-Coffee excites a new day-Coffee makes life better.” Always placed itself in customers’ place, Me Trang Coffee has become the spiritual bridge for all coffee aficionados in the world.

To make coffee not only a great cultural beauty, Me Trang Coffee has strived to preserve the traditional humanitarian values of Vietnamese people. The company has taken part in many practical social charity, poverty reduction and charitable house construction activities. In particular, to express its patriotism and nationalism, Me Trang Coffee made the largest Truong Sa Islands map with coffee leaves at Nha Trang Beach Festival 2011, a record of Vietnam. At the Sea Week Festival 2013, the company made a miniature space of Truong Sa Islands and the maquette of Big Truong Sa Island was presented to the Institute of Oceanography to show visitors.

Competition on the coffee market is really intense, with the presence of many brands. As a coffee producer, how has Me Trang Coffee built up trust among consumers?
Everyone has their own attitude to products. For Me Trang Coffee, the attitude is centred on improving product quality and service to better satisfy consumers. As a coffee producer and a coffee connoisseur, I always aim to direct Me Trang Coffee to the core goal of creating quality product, good for human health. Therefore, in 2008, after much effort, the company successfully researched organic coffee-a pioneering coffee that broke new ground for the organic coffee trend in Vietnam. Besides, Me Trang Coffee has also applied HACCP quality management standards to production process and planned to adopt FAD and Halal standards to coffee and tea products.

In the extensive integration trend, what will Me Trang Coffee focus on to enhance its competitiveness and successfully integrate into the world?
As mentioned above, quality is the core value to build the position. This is always the lodestar for all operations to win the trust of customers. Particularly, in the increasingly volatile market, quality is more important than quantity. Branding in foreign markets (Russia, the United States, South Korea, China, etc.) is one strategic step to bring Me Trang Coffee brand to the international market. In addition, Me Trang Coffee always focuses on raising product quality by modernising and standardising production processes, as well as constantly improving employee qualifications, stepping up information technology application, expanding and promoting the image of Me Trang Coffee.

Given currently intertwined difficulties and challenges on the market, do you have anything to share?
Vietnam's coffee industry is always “hot” in recent years because it has brought economic benefits to people and businesses. But, in fact, our country is mainly exporting raw coffee. We thus cannot obtain high post-harvest added values for coffee growers and the economy. Therefore, in order to boost coffee industry development, in addition to encouraging people to apply technical solutions for sustainable coffee cultivation, the government should introduce incentive mechanisms to stimulate local coffee production and processing investment.

As organic coffee is the most sought-after product on the market, it is essential to let coffee growers know that organic coffee production is an inevitable trend in the world. Besides, enterprises and farmers should work together to create best coffee products to compete in price with other rivals in the world. In this regard, the government of Khanh Hoa and the rest of the nation need to create more favourable conditions for people and businesses to strengthen connectivity, have policies to encourage enterprises to produce and trade coffee, improve coffee quality and service, uphold food safety requirements, and protect community health.


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